price of dc to ac inverter solar panels explained -

by:KEBO      2019-08-13
What is the solar panel?
Solar panels or solar modules are man-made panels, which use the properties of certain materials to generate DC power when light shines on solar panels.In these materials, when the sun's photons (light particles) or any other light fall on the atom, the electrons running around the atom enhance the energy level.This energy is released as electricity when there are suitable conditions.
Is the interconnected power that provides a higher voltage or current.When light energy falls on the substrate, the characteristic of power generation is called photovoltaic effect, so the panel is also commonly called PV panel (module ).What materials generate electricity through photovoltaic?
There are a lot of photovoltaic materials on the market now.Typical example: Regardless of the chemical composition, PV plates are also classified as SiWafers according to the physical structure (including the first named two and the other two) what is the solar module array as a wide umbrella of the film type (belonging to the last named three and other types?
DC power generated by solar cells or electrical interconnect solar cell modules, even for low-end work that requires electricity, such as telephone operation, is only short enough.On the other hand, a house with a peak demand of 4 kw may need about 34 m² of the PV panel surface area to meet this demand.(This includes about 4% of the power wasted by the Inverter when converting DC to AC ).As a typical multi-Crystal PV panel for the production of 50wp, the size is 0.96m X 0.36 m X 0.055 m, many interconnected modules will be required to meet this requirement.This collection of panels is called an array of photovoltaic components.
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