power surge plugs security system mistakes: what are they and how to avoid them?

by:KEBO      2019-08-09
Install a highTechnical security system is not enough!You need to check in time if everything goes well.It's like a routine, but it really saves you from being a potential prey.Always be vigilant and look for a burglar who is not protected from home.Many of us often make mistakes on monitoring systems, which makes security monitoring worthless.Here we write down all these mistakes and how to avoid them.Let's discuss these bugs and solutions one by one.Are all your security cameras working?Security cameras that don't work properly are the real problems.There may be a power outage.They may lose focus;Due to the loss of the power supply accessories, even due to the power surge and burning and hang.The list continues.You can never be sure why.How to avoid: Check the video surveillance equipment regularly.Check the status and status of the surveillance camera at least once a quarter.Is the DVR really recording?The system is running but it is possible that nothing is being monitored.Why are you asking?A simple-someone forgot to press the recording button.Or you made some configuration changes and forgot to restore the recording.How to avoid: always check carefully whether the digital video recorder is recording after each configuration change.Is everything connected?Loose connections that are not properly fixed may be right or wrongMonitoring system in operationChecking all plugs and connections to overcome any faults is the first and most important step.All of this is common in bars, restaurants and other places where ownership changes are more frequent.How to avoid: double check if a coaxial/RG59 cable or DVR card is connected.
If there is an NVR, make sure it is connected to the network.
Insert the hard drive and work.Is there enough storage?Everything is normal.Video camera.But it's not there when you want to watch the surveillance video.Where did it go?Maybe you don't have enough storage on your hard drive and the video is recorded!How to avoid: buy disk space as per your requirements.Adjust the recording settings to maximize disk space.This includes enabling motion detection and timing recording.What areas do you cover?Did your security camera record the correct location?Do these video surveillance devices cover enough view?Having the right surveillance camera in the right area is more important than having more surveillance cameras.How to avoid: Select the HD box camera to monitor the entrance and exit.It can help you easily identify details such as facial features and clothing.That's it from our side.We want to hear your story, too.Let us know what security camera errors you have witnessed.Let us know in the comments section below about your interesting and failed education.
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