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by:KEBO      2019-08-09
In this era, energy saving is very important, take the time to listen to all the noise in your office from the computer, and the lighting of the spare equipment is around the workplace.The office can be an inefficient place, but with just a few simple steps it's easy to be a greener place!1.Use the energy settings in the computer settings-the personal computer usually has the option to put the computer/monitor in sleep mode for a given time.The energy-saving mode with your technology will ensure you save electricity.2.Turn something off when you leave the office to save more power (and of course money!).You won't believe how much can be saved by this simple step, and when most people leave the display, the LED becomes another color that symbolizes the power-off mode.3.Unplug your device-be sure to unplug the relevant plug when you leave, which will protect your kit from any surges and similar issues, and save you the most power, so that you can save energy.4.Paper-free print-no emailMail, remember that you have an inbox with all the history messages.Consider implementing the policy of "thinking before you print", recycling your old paper, or using it as waste paper in the office?5.Upgrading old CRT monitors with new technology-replacing old monitors with LED-LCD technology, which generates less heat and is smaller, which is not true, they also provide high resolution and high definition ,-If you look around.6.Looking for energy star equipment-energy star equipment is officially rated and I will keep a close eye on the stamp of approval if possible.The Energy Star was built to help reduce greenhouse gases and pollution caused by poor manufacturing processes and their service life.7.Use the right way of lighting-replace any old bulb with an updated bulb, compact fluorescent lighting uses a traditional bulb of about 10%, so it is cost-effective, lasts longer and is very energy-efficient.There are many different ways to improve your business efficiency with small changes that can make a big difference.Office Magic is a UK-based Office supplies company with a wide range of Office solutions to meet your business needsIt includes copiers, printers, fax machines, scanners, computers and so on.If you want to buy a new copier or look at the price of the copier.
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