power surge extension surge protection for the telecom space - advancements

by:KEBO      2019-06-30
Telecom is an area where it is difficult to maintain profitable business.As customers demand more and more for their services, equipment costs are rising and cheaper bills are required to be paid each month.The competition within the space is very fierce, reducing the average price expected to be paid per month to the point where profits are extremely tight.
A successful telecom company will be able to balance these factors and keep it profitable, but analysts have been looking for ways to improve, a constant struggle.Surge Protection is an area of the telecom industry, which can reduce costs as technology advances.The telecom industry uses industrial surge protection devices in cellular towers.
This is because the remote and accessibility features of the honeycomb Tower itself make it the main target of lightning strikes.Although in order to prevent the strike itself, there is almost nothing to do, by integrating surge protection equipment at key points redundancy, damage caused by the strike can be minimized.The cellular tower has two main computerized components, including RRH (Remote Radio Head) and BSU (base station unit ).
) RRH is located at the top of the tower and is expected to suffer damage due to lightning strikes and surge.In unprotected settings, the resulting surge will spread from RRH along the power and data lines to connected devices including BSU.In unprotected settings, this usually results in damage to BSU and RRH, resulting in a longer service outage and higher cost damage.
When transient current is detected, the protected device will cut off the current and minimize damage to the tower and RRH.Restoring services and replacing components in protected settings will be faster and cheaper.Therefore, the integration of advanced and technically powerful surge protection devices in cellular towers and systems can greatly reduce the expected loss every year, and improve the profiity by extending the life of the equipment.
Most cellular systems will be protected from lightning strikes to a certain extent, but the risk is increasing as the cost of components increases and the level of service increases.The progress of the surge protection industry has been moving forward, thus saving money
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