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by:KEBO      2019-10-05
A power strip can provide multiple functions in one roomWhen designed using surge technology, it not only increases the number of power outlets, but also protects electronic equipment from normal power surges that may occur through wires and/or lightning strikes.Since the socket slot on the power strip must be firmly connected with the plug plugged into the strip, clean the room power strip at least once a week and immediately clean up any debris or liquid spills, this is very important.
Turn off the room power, unplug the power from the power supply, and then unplug all electronic devices from the power supply.
Vacuum dust off the power strip with a soft brush attachment, then place the power strip on the trash can and spray the entire belt-In particular, the interior of any exposed unused socketRemove dust or other debris with canned air.Repeat and shake the strap until no more pieces fall into the trash.
Wipe the surface of the strap shell with slightly damp lintFree slim clothWet cloth without excess water can drop or squeeze from the cloth onto your power strip.Rub with a damp melamine resin foam eraser to remove any tough stains or stains on the strap housing softlyToothbrush or non-abrasive scrub pad.
Thoroughly dry the tape case with a clean cloth, then insert the tape into the electronic device before plugging it into the main power outlet.
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