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by:KEBO      2019-08-08
As we are about to usher in another holiday and enter the beginning of the new year, it is natural for both individuals and professionals to reflect.Never see where we are, where we have been, where we are going with hope.New budget, new goals, of course, our personalImprovement resolution is coming soon!Before I go on, let me say that you are an amazing person and do your best with everything you have now.It's been a tough few months for all of us and we need to remember that we will be fine ...... Patience, perseverance, positive.December and January are usually the time when organizations and business leaders/managers summarize the year --end activities;Looking back on the successes of the past year and where improvements are needed;Used to amend the target and adjust the budget and the entire workplace.In the last few months of 2008, crazy economic journeys and the changes that follow have brought change and choice to all of us in one way or another, some more intense than others.Whether it's a change that chooses you or your employees, or a change that chooses you or theirs, the impact can run out of our personal power supply.How are you?How about your staff?Did you ask them?Talk to them about "P2P?January is also a golden time for personal reflection.I don't care about the number when I'm about to have another birthday (January 9!It's just a number!I remember my 60-year-old father died in 1976 and my 88-year-old mother died in 2001.I inherited their deep faith, "positive attitude DNA", and their determination to make "lemon crispy pie" from lemons in life."There is still a lot to do ...... Like you, I have gone through life's changes and choices-some of which I did and some of which I chose --Changes in residence, changes in geographical location, divorce, single parents, changes in work, cancellation of work, betrayal of work, layoffs, completion of my education while working --Time, the health of my elderly parents has dropped and started my business ...... The list continues.Some of you may hear me say, "I used to be 6 feet high and see what's going on!And said, "I'm growing up again !"As I have reflected, how do I deal with "perceived negative events" when they happen ...... Of course, I went through the stages of grief, anger, and everything else.What I learned to say (and believe) is that "everything happens for a reason.I ask myself, "What can I learn from this (adversity ?"?What do I need to do now to keep going?"I didn't bury my head in the sand, just wait for the time to pass and play the role of" victim ", but learn from the script of my parents!Let the dust settle, think about what's going on, the role I play in it, what different things can I do, clean up the mess, pray for guidance and start working!I give myself a "surge!"What about you?Are you "surge" or "leakage "?"You are your own power, no matter what!Power surge-Self-Empowerment-rely on your own inner strength to work actively in adversity, which helps to ease pain and frustration.Positive Self-Talk and action are the antidote to negativity and the seeds of success!The power to make your life whatever you want is now in your heart!Author and personal trainer Linda ate talks about her personal and spiritual growth journey in a great article, the top ten survival strategies to survive adversity.Whether you are spiritual or not, these are great reminders to all of us.Take what you like, and the rest is left ...... Patience --This may be the most difficult to achieve, although this is the first thing we must develop in the face of adversity.The key to developing patience is to finally know that everything will go the way it is expected.Another key to developing patience is to let yourself succumb to the fact that everything has a time frame.I like to use this metaphor.Even if you (or your wife) may be pregnant, if you want to have a baby, you still have to wait for a pregnancy before the child actually arrives.• Forgiveness -Forgive each other for your mistakes.By not allowing yourself to forgive yourself, you use a lot of negative energy when you hide old thoughts and feelings.Learn to forgive and use the same energy in a positive way to reclaim your life.While forgiving each other will allow you to forgive any doubts or shortcomings of your own, half of the negative energy remains.• Acceptance -Accept the hand you are tradingEven a pair of deuces can win the game.Gratitude-Thank God for saying that you deserve the adversity of my teaching.• Detachment -We 've all heard the phrase "if you like something, put it out.If it comes back to you, it's yours.If not, then no."If something is part of your life, it will come true, so there is no need to grab anything desperately.Understand: why is this right?Why Me?-When negative things happen to us, I feel our first inclination and we ask, "Why am I ?"?"Usually asking this question does not provide any answer other than making us feel guilty about asking this question at the beginning.Why don't you?No one is immune to pain.Simply retell the question and ask "why ?"?"By asking" why do this ", it usually allows us to understand our past thoughts and actions that may have contributed to our current state (karmically, let's find the root of the problem.Time for meditation or quietOnly in silence can we hear the voice of God.Allow quiet time to reflect your desires and listen closely and intently to what is happening around you.You will find the answer in silence.Keep creative thinkingEliminate boredom or else it will upset and upset you.
Spend your time or time with friends and family.Any, or all, will make you feel good about yourself and want to move on.Future-oriented workEven if you don't feel things are moving forward, try to create the future you want.You can read the material related to your desires by going back to school, by writing down your goals and desires or with like-minded people.No matter how small a step you take to the future.• Trust -Let go, let God.All we can really control is our actions and our intuition (or inner desire) of what we want to achieve in life ).The rest is more powerful than ourselves.Believe that the universe will provide you with what you need when you need it.
Power Up!Take Control!As we approach the end of the year and begin the new year-both personal and professional-let us remember that in addition to setting new goals and understanding the financial side, effective leaders/managers continue to improve the three key leadership features they need to have to deliver results through people-Objectivity, empathy and selfawareness.It's all about "P2P" and the importance of incorporating employees-the people who really push their organization-into their high priorities.We know from history that recession and recession test the ability of leaders in all industries and industries around the world.We know there is no simple answer!It is a smart move to include "people Strategy" (P2P) in your business plan, because those plans will not be fully implemented without people.Keep your power!Come out of your office.Interact with your employees, your colleaguesEmployees, customers, suppliers/suppliers;Increase communication;talk (face-to-Face) be with people-they make your business work every day;Seek their opinions;Show your authenticity and humanityness!This is all about "P2P!Your attitude and behavior have a direct impact on the bottomPositive or negative results.Think about how you influence your employees.Workers and working environment ...... Are you a "surge in power" or a "loss of power "?"You are your own power, no matter what!A positive workplace means business!Only cents!
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