power surge bar Richardson’s Harley-Davidson Power Surge will test human horse power

by:KEBO      2019-08-22
Pop music, Fat BoyTattoo Funeral Home, dry shop, DJ, motorcyclexa0A hot dog race will start the engine on Richardson's Harley.
Richardson invites gas from nine o'clock A.M. to four o'clock P.M. on Saturday-Head to prove who's bike has the greatest power in their Dyno shootout.
Tickets are $30 and bicycles will be divided into several categoriesxa0Each contestantxa0Will get two runs in a row.
Harley of RichardsonDavidson event coordinator Lindelle Banks said that once the lottery tickets were sold,They want to raise $50,000 for my 5 kids.
Affected by mass demand, strong manpower truck pull will test manpower when attendees try to drag.xa0Chevrolet Silverado 3500 with 400 kg tricycles on the trailer.
"Let's do a time test to see who can park the truck on the line as quickly as possible ,"xa0The bank said MS.
There is also a game of burnout."This is judged by the reaction of the crowd and we have a burnout pad so you can put on your bike and get the real benefit.Admission is free.
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