power surge bar Richardson’s Harley-Davidson Power Surge event

by:KEBO      2019-08-21
In Richardson's Harley, the ultimate bragging rights were contested.Davidson's power surge on Saturday.
In the process of truck pulling, human power has been tested.Participants tried to weigh trucks and tricyclesxa0Nearly three tons across the parking lot.Bo von Stiglitz is one of the many people dealing with this ominous task, which he describes as "heavy lifting ".
"It's fine once it starts moving, but it's hard to get caught because there's gravel on the road," he said .".
Harley in ricatonSimon, managing director, Davidsonxa0Hrycyszyn said it was a very good day despite the rain in the morning.
"We have a very high turnout and I think we will have a turnout of 600 to 700 people this year," he said .".
Mr Hrycyszyn said some of the highlights of the day included the hot dog eating contestTattoo shop and dyno match.
A Preliminaries were held for the hot dog race and the truck rally race to determine the final winner.
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