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You know computer security your small ...But do you know what you need to do today to protect your child?..You know all the risks your business computer faces and you know that computer security is important to your small business.But do you know what you need to do today to protect your business?Do you know all the risks of your business computer system?Do you know the steps that need to be taken to protect your business computer system?We have heard reports of computer hackers breaking into commercial computer networks to attack or shut down.A website that destroys business operations or obtains confidential information.These high-tech break-Ins is just part of the broader security risk area your business is facing today.Some high-High technical risk requirementstech responses.Others are calling for more commonsense measures.A well-After careful consideration, a disciplined approach to computer security may be all that is required to significantly reduce the risk of a computer system.What does computer security mean?From a business point of view, simple computer security means that your computer system will work properly and the information you store on your computer system will be provided to you according to your business needs.Hardware failure precautions can be taken to prevent certain risks such as theft, breakage, surge, voltage fluctuations, power outages, and disasters such as fires, floods and other unimaginable disasters.The maintenance protocol provides fast and reliable service in case of equipment failure.Additional equipment availableBefore the arrival of the maintenance personnel, provide a backup of the house for the uninterrupted service.Many companies buy cheap or carry-Maintain and maintain additional hardware for exchange as needed.For example, they keep one backup printer for each of the five printers being used, and one backup PC for each 20, depending on the age and reliability of the hardware, of course.Redundant array of independent disks (RAID )-Equipped servers and duplicate or backup servers can increase redundancy and reduce the risk of device failure.Low Quality-The cost of "cloning" a computer or server may be much lower than the cost of a brandname systems.Extremely low-The cost system is usually manufactured with components that are currently at a lower cost.These components themselves may not be very reliable, and the compatibility of the specific components used may not have been strictly tested.Regular backup, at least one per weekKeep data off-Of course, when an inevitable hardware failure occurs, the site is the necessary and most effective way to reduce data loss.Careful disaster planning is more important than ever to assess the risk and damage of catastrophic system failures and to implement appropriate disaster recovery resources.Complete copySite systems, including servers, data, and communication links, may be necessary to ensure that services are not interrupted in the event of a catastrophic disaster.This redundancy can be farmedGo to a local company dedicated to backup and secure storage of data on key computer systems.In general, the full costSystem redundancy is often unnecessary for small businesses.For you, as long as your storage data is not lost, it may be tolerable to restore your system functionality in a few hours or even days.Software failure application software may fail for multiple reasons.The failure of the application can occur by accidentally deleting the component of the program, its location in the error subdirectory, or many other mysterious reasons.Contemporary programs are divided into multiple parts on multiple disks and CDROM or download files installed in many directories and subdirectories, and change the system configuration and settings files to meet the needs of the application.The loss or corruption of a small program utility may prevent the entire program application from running properly.A change in one parameter or setting (which can easily happen inadvertently or during the installation of another software) is enough to break the normal function of the application.The best protection to prevent application software failure is :~ Keep the original program source (disk, CD-Rom saved and backed up-Files downloaded) closed safelyWebsite (outside office )~ Install the software from a backup copy of the original, using only the authorized and registered copy of the software application (so that the original software application vendor can get technical support, disk Replacement, bug fixes, and software updates ).Network software is notoriously picky and needs constant attention.People familiar with employee network software or network software available for a short period of time are critical to troubleshoot and restore the network when the network crashes, slowly crawls, or does not operate correctly.In some cases, the access rights of the application are lost, the data is lost, or, when the network is closed, the data on the local hard disk or floppy disk can be backed up or mirrored, and by loading key software at the same time (such as the word processing application local PC hard disk.Virus destruction software is another growing security risk, preferably by carefully designing programs to limit unauthorized access to the system, by preventing the use of unauthorized software and the use of specialized virus protection softwareSome office systems automatically prohibit any new software from being loaded onto a personal computer on the network.Others will automatically scan the virus in all new software.Anti-Virus software must be constantly updated to enable it to identify new viruses that are constantly created and spread.Automatic Update function can be used for main-Virus software programs should be executed.A particular problem is that both public domain software and an unauthorized copy of the program are software obtained electronically, such as software obtained from the Internet.Seemingly minor items such as games, utilities, screen savers, or macros of unknown origin can put you at serious risk of getting infected with the virus.Email attachments are a common source of infection code.You need to pay attention to the suspicious email sent to you.Always pay attention to what you load or download on your computer.By introducing computer viruses, your software programs, if not your entire computer network, may not be available because of the simple installation of unauthorized software applications on your computer system.Make sure your employees understand the importance of your policy to ban the installation of unauthorized software.Then "scan" Your computer regularly to make sure your employees help you protect your computer investment.These simple steps may bring a huge return to the ongoing operation of your small business.
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