power surge bar experiencing a moment of fear -

by:KEBO      2019-09-17
Guys, my name is Corey Martin, and I'm one of the regular content writers for this blog.We want to try to give our readers a different experience, not jus...Guys, my name is Corey Martin, and I'm one of the regular content writers for this blog.We want to try to give our readers a different experience, not only to provide the latest horror news, but also to share our interests and interactions with the horror community.Having said that, I wanted to share with you a story from my high school days when my parents decided to play with my friends on Halloween.Imagine this scene: you invite your friends to your annual Halloween party.You make sure everything is set up perfectly and you pick the right movie when everyone arrives.I made sure I did all these things and was very excited.I even plan with some of my friends to scare everyone at some point in the evening.Please keep in mind that when I was in high school, I always relaxed as much as possible in my-do list.I was that guy.Aside from the fact, the night started well, everyone had a good time, and we all settled down in the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.I loved a bunch of friends that night, they were their friends and we made your typical "horror movie ".People of different personalities blend well together, which really makes the atmosphere better.We have a few people who are terrified of any sound they hear, and most of the movies are hiding behind pillows.There are some people just to have a good time, we really have a good time.Until the lights are out...Half the movie, my electricity is gone.My initial reaction was a surge.So I checked the digital clocks to see if they were blank.They didn't even flash, which means the whole house was closed.Was a car hit in an electric investigation?The weather is not a factor. there is no cloud in the air every day.When all these things are running on my head, the knock starts.BANG!BANG!BANG!Ok.Something is happening.BANG!BANG!BANG!People are freaking out now.Of course, they think that whatever happens, I will arrange it. believe me, I hope I have arranged it, but I can't do it this time.This time I was there with the frightened people.Screaming.All we can do is scream.When we thought it was over, in the dark, we saw the outline of a figure passing through my kitchen.Most of us were forced into a corner, but a good friend of mine decided to look into it himself.Just as he was about to grab who or what was in the kitchen, the lights were on and we saw my parents standing in the room laughing at us.We got a prank.Don't get me wrong, being afraid like that is probably the most interesting thing any of us have ever had.We are still talking about this topic until today.Fear is a surge in adrenaline.It is something that touches our deepest fears, and it allows us to quickly expose and experience pure shock.Some people live for this moment.Places like Goretorium remind us what it feels like.The first time I experience real fear, I will never forget that.
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