power surge bar 20 + helpful tech gadgets tips, the ultimate ...

by:KEBO      2019-09-17
It's no secret that technology is flawed.When you buy cool tech products, they don't guarantee 100% perfection.However, sometimes because the buyer did not read the instructions carefully, the problem may be the misuse of the product.There may be various problems with high-tech gadgets, from glitches to no power at all.I'm sure you bought cool new tech gadgets like everyone else, just went home and found out they had problems and didn't feel so good.After buying tech gadgets, here's a checklist of checks you should follow: 1) Always read the user manual, which usually shows you what you're doing wrong.Don't think you know anything.2) Check and double check that everything that should be in the box is actually in the box.People throw out cables or small things because they don't check them thoroughly in the package.3) make sure that you check that all suitable accessories are provided, which can sometimes be excluded from the factory.4) If you buy a device from a foreign country, you need to check the voltage as it may vary.Failure to do so can lead to shortages in your home and the destruction of your high-tech gadgets.5) always check if the LED indicator is active, which lets you know that your new tech gadget is powering on.6) carefully check whether the battery is inserted correctly;It should fit well and not loose.There will be an indicator on most batteries indicating which way they should fit.7) check the manual to see if all cables are connected in the right way.8) make sure there is no problem with your cable.You can check the cable by using the cable in another similar device.9) ensure that the side of the SIM card with chip display is under and connected to the device.10) turning the device on and off sometimes results in a power surge that provides the power needed for the initial start-up of the new device.That's why most Microsoft engineers will ask others to do so first.11) it is important to calibrate the touch screen device so that the device can be adjusted according to your unique handling.13) make sure your device is connected to the operating system when connected to the PCbit or 64-bit.A 64-Bit system is faster than 32-bit system.14) when using an SD card or GSM card, make sure it is compatible with your device.Otherwise, it won't work at all.15) when you put media files on a GPS navigator or a car DVD player, it confuses the device and doesn't know what information to read.16) always get comments from Google about the types of apps or files you haven't tried before to see if they have any problems.17) always check if your device supports the file format you are trying to use.Since AVI is a container and DIVX is a codec, AVI and DIVX sometimes make a difference.18) only factory reset is performed as you will lose all the data and settings previously stored.19) do not refresh the firmware unless you are ready to take full responsibility for fixing it.Most e-commerce stores and e-retailers see this as an invalid warranty issue because it is often wrong.20) any extra thing you sue on the device uses more energy.So if you have a problem with a short battery life, it's a good idea to turn off devices like wifi, Bluetooth, and screen brightness.21) the seller keeps the battery fresh in the remote control by replacing the battery or using a high quality brand.22) is your device running slower than the previous day or is it more unstable?Maybe you didn't give it enough time to start.Always give the device some time to start up.This is because they may take some time to start if there are a lot of programs.There you have enough information to be a friend of yours or a friend of your family because of the problem with tech gadgets.
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