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by:KEBO      2019-08-06
In the past few decades, the business operation model has changed due to the popularity of online marketing or online business operations.Today, almost all business groups are available online and introduce their products and services to target customers only through online media.So if you are willing to buy something or get information before you buy something, you have to simply type the URL of a specific business site on the Internet and the next moment the site will be able to access you.
Today, consumers want everything online in order to save time and money.In this case, it can be an expensive thing even if you are not online for a minute.Understanding server downtime and its impact on business server downtime means that your website becomesDue to some failure of the server, the function is normal.
During this period, the server became unavailable, resulting in a serious loss of business.However, it is not possible to prevent server downtime completely, but there is no doubt that downtime can be reduced by taking the right precautions, shutting down server monitoring and managing key server metrics.Because consumers cannot access the website, frequent server downtime directly affects the profitability of the enterprise.
In most cases, the reason for server downtime is due to processor overload, increased memory usage, disk errors, and other problems.Another reason for server downtime is the lack of daily maintenance, unscheduled events, hardware component crashes, network communication failures, improper server design, etc.By using a server monitoring tool or utility, an administrator can reduce the event of server downtime.
In the event of any problems with the server, these utilities will alert the administrator to take corrective action in a timely manner.In addition to these utilities, you can reduce server downtime in several other ways to avoid business losses.By implementing these methods, you can ensure the highest uptime and restore the business growth chart.
Here are some simple steps to help you reduce server downtime: how to reduce server downtime?1.Security is still a major issue with the server machine, so it is recommended to keep the server room locked so that only authorized people can access it.It is found that most server outages are caused by humans, so it is wise to restrict access.
Through logical access to the server area, the security of the server can be further strengthened.With this in mind, administrative access to the server must be restricted and other people are prohibited from entering the dedicated area where the server is located.3.Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) must be deployed to ensure continuous power supply.
UPS facilities are necessary to compensate for power outages.In addition, UPS also cleans the power supply by adjusting the peaks and peaks that may compromise the server.4.By scheduling regular backups of servers, including operating systems and data, you can greatly reduce server downtime.
If the hardware crashes, you will be able to recover the backed up data using new or repaired hardware components.5.You should develop the habit of following the maintenance list regularly.The inventory will remind you of what you need to do or have to maintain your server, reducing downtime.
It's not a big deal to find the server maintenance template because it's free on the web.These maintenance lists include daily, weekly and monthly reminders of what tasks you should perform to keep the server running at its best.If you often run into server failures and face high downtime, it may be helpful to implement the techniques discussed above.
In addition to other things, regular maintenance, constant and uniform power supply and maintaining restricted access to server areas are key to minimizing downtime.You need to pay attention to the tips mentioned above, because this is directly related to business opportunities and profitability, and if the site is closed due to server issues, these opportunities and profitability may be hindered
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