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by:KEBO      2019-09-12
Its not ...We like to think, but your computer will fail if you keep it for a long time...It may be simple...Since the floppy drive does not read the disk to the primary system...This is not something we like to consider, but your computer will fail if you keep it long enough.This could be a simple problem, such as the fact that the floppy disk drive did not read the disk when a major system crashed.Since the computer is run by the operator, a user error is the most common cause of a computer failure.When a user is on a computer, he or she can add or delete some files.Or he/she can delete or swap certain hardware features.When we look at the user error, we have to keep in mind that since we are human, just ask the last user if any software is installed and reinstalled, the user error can be easily resolvedAny software or hardware is configured, etc.A large part of the computer failure is caused by environmental factors, such as surge caused by lightning, resulting in over-voltage.Another reason for the failure may be that the room temperature is too high or too low, as well as dust, dirt or sunlight.If you are doing business and are heavily dependent on your computer, then factors such as room temperature, sunlight, and surge prevention are the most important and cannot be ignored.The most common pc problem is when you can't access your PC at all.Nothing happens when you turn on the power switch.Here is a quick list of troubleshoot procedures that you should follow if you run into this issue.If you need help on how to execute these programs, we also have videos to download from the Internet: try the power switch for the second or third time.If nothing happens..Check if the wall socket is powered on.If there is power in the socket.Check the power cord itself from the wall to the computer.Check the power supply inside the system unit.Replace the power supply instead of trying to fix it.If the system makes a click noise but the screen is blank, check the display.If the display turns out to be good, check the graphics card even in the new system.If you are a normal user of a computer system, another headache you will most likely encounter is that Windows will not be able to load, or the spost of the system will not be able to run.Download the file below to learn more about the self-test.Don't forget preventive maintenance programs that can keep your computer peeping performance.Running invalid Windows features such as disk scanning, disk defragmentation, and disk cleaning will help your computer perform at its best.Using a can of compressed air can remove dust that may produce a short circuit.If you let the computer start but it doesn't want to read from the hard drive, then the hard drive can be damaged or even lost.Verify that the master boot record is not logged...Start from the floppy disk containing the fdisk program and type the command \ "fdisk mbr \" to save the master boot record to the hard disk.Otis F.Cooper is committed to improving the knowledge and confidence of every computer user who has a serious understanding of the computer.Use his informative articles and videos to learn about every aspect of the PC.
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