power supply surge protector What Appliances Can Be Connected to a Portable Generator?

by:KEBO      2019-11-09
If your device has a plug, you can connect it to a portable generator as long as the generator provides enough power to power it.You can even plug in a lot of appliances at the same time, but in general they shouldn't be more power than the generator provides.If they do, the performance of the appliance will be poor and you may damage the generator.In addition, the power cord may overheat and cause a fire.The generator functions like the AC generator in your car.The engine that burns fuel such as gasoline or propane rotates the rotor with a conductive coil, which generates current in the moving online circle in the magnetic field provided by the permanent magnet.The number of coils designed by the manufacturer and its rotation cycle to supply 120-or 240-Volt power supply with a frequency of 60 hz, the same power as the standard outlet in any residential or commercial building.One or more outlets installed on the generator housing can provide this power supply.Some generators offer 120 volts and 240 volts in separate sockets.The size and efficiency of the engine determines the power supplied by a given generator (in watts), and the generator will operate any equipment with less power than the rated power.You will find that the power map of a device has a clear mark on the label on its housing, usually near the point where the power cord is connected.Adding the rated power of the device to be used should generate numbers that are less than the rated power of the generator.If the numbers are large, you can still insert them as long as they are not used at the same time.Some appliances, such as refrigerators, air conditioners and well pumps, will consume additional power when starting, and this surge in power will cause the generator to overload.To avoid this, when determining the operation of a large generator, you should double the average power rating of a large appliance with a motor.For example, you need a 5,000-800 watt generator running-1,500 W refrigeratorWatt well pumps operate at the same time, even if they use less than 3,000 watts at runtime.If the generator size is insufficient, start-The surge will cause overload and damage and the appliance will not work properly.It is better to insert the appliance directly into the generator than to use the extension cord.The wire may overheat and get in the way, and the voltage at the end of the long wire is less than the voltage at the generator plug.The voltage drop affects the operation of the device you are using.And because the generator has fuel.They require proper ventilation to drive the engine and discharge harmful smoke;You should never operate one in a closed space.Finally, remember to operate the generator as described in the manual.Failure to do so will result in injury.
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