power supply surge protector COMPUTING Q&A -- Getting Stock Prices On the Web

by:KEBO      2019-11-09
Q: Is it possible to get realOnline time stock quotes, if so, where are they?A: It is possible, but you have to pay.Two services that provide real servicesThe time quotation is the (www.quote.Com) and DBC Online ( charges $19.$95 per month while DBC service is $79 per month if you pay one year in advance.With DBC, you'll get a lot of extras, including a custom screen, and the option to receive a quote via the Internet, FM, cable or satellite.These two services will also deliver the stock market to the customer-Time information.For example, the New York Stock Exchange charges $5.25, and the cost of NASDAQ is $4.You will only pay if the stock you are tracking is on the exchange.Some online brokers, including e.schwab (www.eschwab.Com), provide realTime quotes as part of their service.Contact your broker to see if you can get a quote.By the way, there are many places on the Internet to find free stock quotes.The problem is that they were delayed for at least 20 minutes.All big search engines-Including Excite, Infoseek and Yahoo--Delayed quotes are easily available.They can also be found on American online.Q: What level of surge protection should users of home computers have?A: the surge can damage your computer, but there is usually no problem unless you live in an area with a lot of lightning.Lightning strikes that affect the power line can cause the current to surge through the line.The easiest way to protect the computer is to use an surge protector that prevents the surge from reaching the system.A typical device is a specially installed socket that lets you plug in four to six devices for about $20.If you are in an area where there is a power outage in bad weather, consider using an uninterrupted power supply (UPS ).These devices use batteries to keep your system running long enough for you to turn it off properly.The more expensive model can even turn off the computer for you, or let you continue to work for half an hour or more while lights out.You can get basic UPS for less than $100.Q: I'm interested in downloading programs from the Internet, but I don't know how to find and install them after downloading.Please help.A: Glad to.Before downloading the file to the hard disk, the browser will display a dialog box showing the name of the file to be downloaded and the folder where the file is saved.Take note of this information and use Windows Explorer to find the file after downloading.(The quickest way to open Windows Explorer is to right-click the Windows 95 Start button and select browse ".) After you find the file, double-click it.If the file is a document or a graphic image, Windows will open it in the appropriate Program--Alternatively, if the program is not already associated with a file of that type, please select it.If the file is a program, double-clicking may start the installation process.In some cases, the file you downloaded actually contains multiple files that have been compressed into one file.If the compressed file ends.EXE, double-click to decompress.If it ends in .ZIP, you need an decompression program to "blow it up" (it can automatically decompress files unless you are using AOL ).Q: I have been helping my friends to choose a home computer system.After reading all the reviews, we decided to go pretty high --End with a system with a 233 MHz MMX processor, 32 mb ram, and 4.32 x CD-3 gb hard driveROM drive and 17-inch monitor.I have heard that Windows 98 will be launched next year and 400 Mhz chips will be launched soon.Should we buy now or wait and get a stronger system when Windows 98 comes out?I realize that the system we have standardized is very powerful, but we want to get some as long as possible before we need to upgrade or replace it.A: Considering Microsoft's problems with the Justice Department, Windows 98 may become Windows 99.But when it finally appears, it should run on the same computer that is currently running Windows 95.So the system you are considering should be able to handle it effortlessly.In terms of waiting for a faster chip, if you do, you will never buy a PC because the chip always gets faster.
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