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by:KEBO      2019-08-02
Within 2 hours?You must know that Sony will charge you $150 for repairing only one PS3 and let you wait for 4-6 weeks return.
Would you like to save $120 to permanently get rid of the dead yellow red light on the PS3?
Do you want to keep all the hard drive content when Sony wipes the hard drive?
If your answer is yes, then you only have one chance to succeed.

.Rob Sheffield is a PS3 certified repairman from Melbourne, Australia.Since he has successfully fixed the PS3 for many different issues, he summed up all possible errors of the PS3 and its solutions in a clear and simple way.One of the most serious and serious problems with the PS3 is the yellow/red ring of death.
As you may know, the yellow/red light indicates a "general hardware failure", which can be anything in many cases.PS3 Lights Fix helps you identify the problem and Fix it as soon as possible.You see, it could be blue light.Ray failure, hard disk failure, motherboard failure, etc...
You must be frustrated and frustrated when the PS3 suddenly turns off and shows a yellow/red light, or when your PS3 decides to "eat" the disk, because of the blue lightray is stuffed.Please calm down first and follow the steps below to restart and run the PS3.
Foundation (do these first!

7.Fix Blu-
You will learn how to complete these steps safely and easily in the PS3 Lights Fix guide.After trying all of these methods, you can rest assured 99.99% your PS3 will start and run and play COD 4 (or any other game) at any time )!

Get the PS3 Lights Fix now!
If you don't want to give $150 to Sony Support Center or wait 4 ~ Fix your PS3 for 6 weeks.
PS3 Fix guide.
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