power supply protection How to Prevent Mold With Ultraviolet Light Fixtures

by:KEBO      2019-11-04
Prevent mold and mildew from piling up at home and cause various health problems by using UV lamps.If the general cleaning is not enough, UV rays are a good way to treat mold and mold.These types of lamps are especially recommended for highAreas with high humidity are more prone to mold and mildew.Mold refers to a kind of silk fungus that grows in a humid or humid environment.Mold "colonies" are usually round in nature, although mold can be expressed as wool, cotton, or hairless.It is available both indoors and outdoors and requires oxygen to survive.According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are 50 to 100 types of indoor mold, and exposure can cause health problems.Health threats due to mold exposure include allergic reactions such as nummullar eczema similar to ringworm and dyshidrotic eczema that causes small blisters in the palm of the hand.Ultraviolet light is defined as the type of radiation that is invisible to human eyes.UV is part of the "spectrum" with X-According to the Kennedy Space Technology Center, the rays and gamma rays, because they all "go beyond the blue end of the visible spectrum ".Sterilization of ultraviolet rays is a good way to defend against mold and mold, because it can break down mold and mold DNA, resulting in sterilization of mold.Place UV lamps in areas that provide ample space for lightInstall components.Use the correct installation method of the 24 VAC power supply.The minimum recommended space for installation is about 3 by 3 inch, and the minimum space for the fixture "internal depth" is 14 inch." Use a 2-Make 2-1 inch conduit knife or hole sawPlan to install the inches hole of the lamp.Position the lamp so that its end is mounted in the hole and attach the fixture to the wall with papermetal screws.There should be enough space for you to easily repair or remove the fixtures.Remove any fingerprints from the fixture during installation.Find a good place to install the power module so that you can see the UV indicator clearly and have enough wires to get to the power of the lamp.Do not look directly at the UV light source without wearing UV-proof glasses, because this light can cause damage to the eyes and skin.UV glasses are specially designed for UV, and regular sunglasses are not a substitute for UV glasses.Unplug the UV lamp before work and wear gloves when handling the UV lamp.As with any lamp, UV rays get very hot, so they should be cooled before repair.
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