power strip without surge protector 10 tips for cabling in your home theater system

by:KEBO      2019-08-08
Cable theme is hi-one of the most controversial topics in the worldFi and home theater, especially in terms of quality and price.However, we all have some simple tips to offer and you will realize that an organized, goodHome Theater System.In this article, we have 10 suggestions for wiring your home theater system.1.
If you're building a home theater system from scratch, maybe adjust your entire space accordingly to make sure the cables can be neatly hidden.Think about laying cables behind walls, bases, or under floors.2.
This requires the layout to be set, and you need to know the distance between the parts to be connected.It is a shame to purchase more cables than you need, which is both for speaker cables and for audio and video cables.However, give the cable some space so your device can still pull forward or the speaker can move something.3.
Easy said;Don't make it spaghetti on the cable.Tie-Rips (also known as cable ties) are your best friends in this field.Make sure your cables are neatly tied together without leaving them in a state of tension.4.
It is important to keep the power cord as far away as possible from (analog) audio and video cables.These can cause interference.In the setup of the home theater system, try to make sure that the power cord, for example, in order to go to the power strip (or another socket), the other cables close to the device will be further away from the device and the distribution.When other cables turn left or right on a slightly higher level, you can also have the power cord run straight down.5.
We often come across enough home theater systems that are not only equipped with spaghetti cables, but have no labels at all.Label each cable so you immediately know which cable to replace, move or check.With the receiver, the label is usually provided so that you can easily connect the speaker cable (it is often not clear which one is in the exact direction ).For other cabling, you can make simple labels yourself.6.
For HDMI, the longer the cable, the more likely it is to interfere in the image.By the way, these failures are good, so you will know immediately if the distance is too large.While data cable solutions suggest not to buy expensive HDMI cables, it is wise to buy better cables when you have to work long distances (5 m or more.The HDMI transmitter and receiver for wireless connection is also possible.7.
We have seen it too many times.Home theater systems with maze-like cables, half of which are not even used.For example, you only need one HDMI cable to connect to the blue lightray player.Therefore, digital audio output is not required.Of course, this situation varies depending on the situation, so we recommend that you read our article about connecting the home theater system.8.
Don't spend more on cables than you spend on devices.This is a universally applicable rule, and for a normal home theater system, we even recommend keeping it below this level as much as possible.9.
We know that you want to start using your device as soon as possible, but in many cases things are ignored, the connection is too fast, or there is no proper connection, so enjoying quickly becomes a setbackIt's worth taking the time to read, install everything correctly, choose the right cable, connect everything correctly, and test each connection.It will take a while, but you can enjoy your device without any concerns.10.
Not everyone can use the cable on the wall or remove everything perfectly in a piece of furniture.Fortunately, there are also simple enough solutions to organize cables neatly.Many TVs or studios use data cable solutions and have a good cable management system so that you can remove the cables on the back of the TV neatly and carry other components or plugs with your feet.There are also a variety of wall brackets for sale with cable management systems where you can lean the cable tray against the wall for a tight finish.Eyes want something too, but other than that,The organized cable structure will definitely pay off when it is replaced or relocated.
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