power strip without surge protector 10 easy steps to transform your business ‘green’

by:KEBO      2019-08-07
Wherever you go, you will hear the word "turn Green.As a small business owner, you may want to know what you can do to help the environment.Can I really make a difference?Well, you can, here are a few steps that you can start implementing to create a positive impact on the environment.Green is not necessarily hard, it's probably the easiest thing you do.1.Recycle.Permanently place a recycle bin with arm \ length from your mailbox so you can get rid of spam quickly.Further, you can get rid of these spam lists by registering with the direct marketing assistant at about 3 months you will see a significant decrease in Mail.2.Scanning.Another way to get rid of unwanted paper is to scan.Scanning can save valuable file space, especially when working in a home office with limited space.3.Pay bills online.Pay bills online or set up to automatically pay bills from a bank account.No envelopes -no postage -Not to mention if you don't have late fees in your automatic payment plan.Most banks offer this service free of charge, so please consult your bank.4.Office printers and photocopiersConfigure the printer or copier to print on both sides of the paper.Check the owner Manual of the printer to see if you can print on the other side of the paper that has already been printed, as you may damage the print head on some printers.If you buy a new printer in the market, look for a printer that allows you to print both sidessided.Remember to recycle the printer cartridges you used.The main office supplies retailer has set up recycling bins in their stores and even offers you money with old cartridges.5.Computer.If you are leaving your computer for more than 20 minutes, switch your screen preferences to sleep mode if 20 minutes are not active ".These are set up in the control panel under the screen saver power management.6.Lights.Switching to Energy Star rated CFL bulbs, they use a 75% reduction in energy and a 10-fold extension in duration.If you are leaving the office for a long time, don't forget to turn off the lights.7.Faxing.Switch to eFax or other online fax service.You receive the fax by email, which is another benefit of your inability to use the fax machine on the road.For sending faxes, these companies provide software that allows you to fax directly from your computer.There are many companies that offer the service at a very symbolic monthly fee.Another advantage is that you won't hear the fax machine ringing in the middle of the night.8.Power Strips.Make sure all devices are plugged into the surge protection power strip.Turn off the power strip at the end of the day.9.Green Vendors.Cooperate with green suppliers.Many printers have switched to eco-friendly inks and paper.10.Video conference.Video Web conferencing is becoming more and more popular for small business owners.It allows you to connect with key decision makers, even if they are located all over the country or in the next town.You can provide training, provide valuable customer support, and most importantly, you will reduce the cost of expensive travel and gain valuable time and time without having to fight against highway trafficFirst, these proposals are gradually implemented over time.Remember to do a job for you and enjoy the joy and feel good.If you have implemented some "green" in your company, we would be happy to share it with you.
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