power protection devices The ACCC makes recommendations on quad bike safety in Australia

by:KEBO      2019-08-20
Tasmanian Farmers and Shepherd's Association welcomed the state's proposal for four-wheel bike safety, but said more work would need to be done at the state level.
The Australian Competition and Consumer Council recently released a new mandatory safety standard that includes requiring manufacturers to integrate crushing or flipping protection devices into the design of four-wheel motorcycles.
Standards are also recommendedxa0Introduction of safety grade system and mandatory minimum performance standards.
An official report released last yearxa0During the period from 2012 to 2015, seven deaths of four bicycles recommended that the Parliament adopt the law to enforce the use of four bicycle helmets and training.
This has not happened yet.
Like ACCC, the coroner's report suggests the introduction of a star --Rating the security system but do not force rollover protection.
Wayne Johnston, president of TFGA, said there was a need to force the use of helmets and force flip accessories in tazhou.
He said, thoughThe free government has been lobbying for elections and discussing with Tasmania state, where work is safexa0No new safety policy has been promised for four bicycles.
While satisfied with ACCC's proposal for a rollover protection device, Mr. Johnston stated that all four-wheel motorcycles would need to be modified with government-subsidized costs.
The Victorian government launched in 2016.xa0Two.The $6 million tax refund program for four bike rollover protection, with individual subsidies of up to $1200.
Australia sells about 160,000 quad bikes a year.
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