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by:KEBO      2019-09-02
Our debate on the future of energy is deliberately complex in order to make it easier to cause public opinion politics in the best possible circumstances.
Politicians on both sides want us to focus on electricity prices, not on the long-term impact of climate policy.
Of course, the longer they do, the higher the price of electricity will be.The planet has been getting hotter and hotter all the time.The so-called debatexa0Stay away from doing anything.
But let's stay with them for the time being and focus on higher electricity prices.
The reason why our world can beat high electricity prices is simple-high online prices (state governments) and lack of consistent national energy and climate policies (federal governments ).Maybe not that simple, but close enough.
In the past eight years, the cost of solar energy has been reduced by about 85, not only cost-effective, but also available to many families.
At the same time, solar energy has become "smart" energy.xa0-For example, it can now automatically turn on the pool pump when the sun shines (closed when cloudy), predict the weather tomorrow, heat the hot water and help manage when you buy from the grid.Add a battery and when wholesale energy prices are high, you can reduce your bill to near zero and even sell excess solar energy.
Landlords can install solar energy and become energy suppliers for tenants-so tenants can get cheaper electricity and landlords can get a return on solar energy, yes, we burn less coal.
While solar power saves valuable money for families, it controls consumers.
So Canberra, let's stop the political struggle and take the lower-cost, lower-emission solar train.
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