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by:KEBO      2019-08-18
The main reasons for using solar energy are environmental impact, economic benefits and energy independence.Solar energy does not cause harmful pollutants responsible for global warming, and most importantly, it is completely free.Pollution and high power costs are expected to be a major problem in the coming years.Solar energy is a clean and economical energy source that can be used for power, solar heating and solar cooling to reduce utility costs.In addition, this is an effective way to reduce the high addiction of energy companies to the public.Especially in crowded cities, electrical failures would leave residents without lights and water, in other words, without electricity.If a personal solar plan is made, the event could be part of a distant past.The first thing to install a solar system is to calculate how much solar energy can be absorbed based on the daily average solar radiation in each area.The solar panel system generates energy and transmits it to the power grid of utilities.In this case, the owner can sell green energy and provide two kinds of energy for his homeway advantage.There are also solar panels that generate DC (DC), which need to be converted with AC power, and then transmitted to the electrical control panel that powers the company's power grid and the owner's house.During the day, the solar power generation system generates electricity on the main grid, and at night, the electricity saved during the day can be used for lighting and other power loads.In a variety of solar power generation systemsTie systems seems to have the best reports on quality and price.Grid-The Tie system consists of the following items: residential solar panels (the number and type of solar panels depends on the power generation in the geographic area), combination boxes, DC circuit breakers, inverters (converting DC in AC) and power grid power control, stop the power exchange between the solar system and the power system.There are also solar fences, solar ovens, solar fountains, solar water pumps and other solar products that can be used for almost any pumping application for yard and garden pumping tasks from indoor to outdoor.Perhaps the most common solar product is solar air conditioning.Solar air conditioning is not only economical, but can run up to 500 watts. it is more than half of ordinary air conditioning. However, it also brings environmental benefits, such as using zero power generation by means of pollution.For many people, the solar lifestyle seems far from true, but there are various ways to incorporate solar energy into daily life without spending a lot of money by implementing energy-saving tips, the first step in "green" life is to buy solar equipment.This can be surprising, but a device consisting of 3 large solar panels is able to reduce the electricity bill to zero in less than two years, thus paying all the investment costs.
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