power inverter ac to ac simple steps of making an ac to dc converter -

by:KEBO      2019-08-14
AC current is the form of current, which reverses its direction several times in a second at a regular interval.Electricity in this form is mainly used in electrical equipment.It is used as a device for power line transmission and use of high voltage or power, such as lamps and other electrical appliances.The best thing about AC current is that this form of current can be transmitted far away to provide a lot of power for relatively unregulated purposes such as light generation and heat.So in order to make it useful, an AC to DC converter is used.Air conditioning manufacturing-DC transformer is a kind of equipment with two magnetic coupling wire winding groupsOne is called primary and other auxiliary.The primary winding of the transformer drives the main AC power supply.The secondary winding of the transformer acts as a power input to the AC-DC converter.An important factor that determines the structure of the inverter is the choice of transformer winding.Due to the high input AC voltage, the corresponding DC voltage conversion is also high enough for any electrical equipment;Therefore, it is necessary to scale the winding of the transformer in other ways to produce a lower available voltage on the secondary winding.According to the corresponding DC voltage, the rating of the device is the size of the AC output being generated.For example, a 6 v DC charger means that in the case of a charger, the charger generates a 6 v DC output for the rated AC input.The next process is to connect the primary winding of the transformer to the AC main power supply.Because there is no polarity in the wiring of the transformer;So it can be connected anyway.The next step is to connect the secondary coil of the transformer to the rectifier-Full wave rectifier.The next step is to use the capacitor on the output unit of the rectifier.It must be noted that during the connection, the positive pole of the capacitor needs to be connected to the positive pole of the regulator.The selection of the capacitor needs to be done according to the desired output.The next step is to select a commercial voltage regulator that can control the output of the AC-DC converter to obtain the desired voltage or output.The regulator is a three-pin device with a common regulator pin, an input of the capacitor, and an output of the regulator.All converters, whether commercial converters like industrial DC converters or any other converter, change the way industry works.Use any DC-to-To meet the growing needs of the times, DC converters or AC-DC converters have been developed.
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