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by:KEBO      2019-10-14
The water ploughing lighting system is able to replace the sun in any enclosed area.With plenty of light, you can convert any room, home or garage area into a budding garden where plants bloom.It is one of the most economical ways to provide light for an indoor garden.
Before purchasing, consider the area to cover, the desired spectral color, and the strength of the plant.Take a look at the different lighting systems, components, and accessories we offer.
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In addition to the complete solution for gardening lighting needs, the Sun supply provides flexible systems and high-quality lighting products.

The light shifters are designed to take advantage of higher light intensity by increasing the area of light coverage.They are cost-They are linear and circular, allowing uniform light exposure to all plants.

These high-output compact fluorescent lamps are used for electrical components that contain a water ploughing lighting system.
The timer can be used with Sun System I and VI ballasts with a voltage selector switch and a removable power cord.

Sun Lift is a mirror suspension system that has a light holder with adjustable tension and is very easy to use.

A pair of Suns can hold 22 lbs.

Digital optometrists are useful for accurately measuring light received by plants.Easy to carry and carryto-use.

Reflector can help you make the most of the light in the growing processLights are lit by increasing the intensity of light and optimizing the amount of light in the plant.We have a wide range of mirrors designed specifically for garden use in an indoor setting.

Mylar has a reflective performance of 98%, which can effectively reflect the light back to the plant.When you cover a surface with a light color, you can use the thickness of 1 mil.To cover the darker walls and surfaces, 2 mil thickness is recommended.

Looking for a wide variety of bulbs such as high voltage sodium bulbs, agricultural bulbs, metal and super halogen bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, spectral bulbs, HPS-MH conversion bulb, MH-Hp spectrum bulb and enhanced spectrum MH bulb.

The lamp holder allows the gardener to lift the lights easily, providing proper light coverage for the plants.All you need to do is install this device with its hardware, connect the lights, pull the wires to move the lights up and down.
Jack Chain ?
Jack chain for hanging lamps.
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