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by:KEBO      2019-10-14
We all want our sunbeds to be used as long as possible.That's why some people buy sunbeds that are touted as durable.However, if the owner takes care of the tanning bed, the tanning bed will last for a long time.
Here are some ways to take care of the sunbeds.
You need to do two things after each meeting: check and clean.You need to check the Click bar and make sure it is firmly connected.You will need to check the face glass (if your sunbeds have one) and make sure it has no cracks or any other problems.Then you need to clean it.You have to clean the bench and the canopy acrylic.Use only the correct cleaning solution and do not use alcohol or bleach.Use only soft nonabrasive cloth.You also have to clean up the sunbeds pillows.Do not use outdoor or oil-Based on tanning lotion.These will damage acrylic.Finally, you have to wash and disinfect the goggles.It's also for your own safety.
Every day, even if you don't use the sunbeds, you will do the same thing with the sunbeds, especially if there are a lot of users in the sunbeds.That is, you must check it clean.You must check whether there is a crack, wear or wear in the acrylic resin.You then clean the pillows, benches, and acrylic resin in the canopy.You must also clean and disinfect the exterior of the goggles and bed.Similarly, only approved cleaning fluids are used.
In addition to checking and cleaning, once a week, you have to do more to make sure your sunbeds are at their best.You must clean the lights.But don't touch them with your hands.You then have to remove and clean the interior of the bench and canopy acrylic sheets.You have to wipe and vacuum the fan, vent and vent hose.Check if the impact tension needs to be adjusted.If so, adjust it.If the bolts are still tight, please check the fixing bolts.Check the power cord and workbench-to-If these are also comfortable, there are no worn-out canopy connectors.
Every month, you have to clean the bench and the canopy acrylic.You will also need to clean the reflector using the appropriate cleaning solution.Check the ventilation hose for the best ventilation effect and make the necessary adjustments if required.To get enough ventilation, make sure the bed is at least 6 inch from the wall.Finally, check the voltage supplied to the bed.It should meet the standards set out in the manufacturer's guidelines.If you need to replace the fixture, please choose a replacement that meets the frequency recommendation.
When you do all these things with a sunbeds, you will be sure that the quality of the sunbeds will last longer.

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