power backup for pc Energised: PM's renewables gamble gets green light in study

by:KEBO      2019-08-11
The nation-The project to build a 2bn pumping plan on the snow mountain was approved after intensive feasibility studies, which made Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull a big profit before Christmas.
The study found that the program is technically and economically feasible and has the ability to power 500,000 householdsRenewable energyxa0Elsewhere in this country
If the plan is finally approved by the middle of next year, it will create more than 5000 jobs.

The Turnbull government welcomed the release of a feasibility study report by snowfield Hydro on plans to expand energy generation and storage, which was released by the PM office.
"The feasibility study clearly shows that snow 2.0 is a feasible pumping project in the futureProvide evidence for the National Electricity Market (NEM) to help stabilize the system and reduce prices.
"This project involves connecting two dams.Tamtanara is 1233 above sea level and 552 above sea level.For example, when the energy is cheap, in the middle of the night, the water is pumped to a higher reservoir, and then when the energy demand is high and the price rises, the downhill discharge produces energy.
"The project will be a huge 2000 MW battery in the center of NEM, providing enough power to 500,000 homes and providing much needed backup for more and more wind and solar access systems.
"Considering the size of the two connected reservoirs, it has the potential to expand its power generation capacity in the future.Snowy 2.Make renewable energy reliable.
The government says it snows.0 will also reduce fluctuations in wholesale prices of electricity and reduce current dependence on natural gas power generation as the main backup form of intermittent renewable energy.
Snow Water acknowledged that the project was facing "geological challenges", but said that "with the construction of 27-kilometer tunnels and underground plant caves, these challenges can be overcome", the press release said ".
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