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by:KEBO      2019-10-13
Portable home generators can be of great help when the power runs out.Most portable generators are not enough to power everything in your home, but they can provide some key appliances like refrigerators and lights.Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when maintaining, refuelling and operating portable generators.
Determine the amount of electricity required for each item to be plugged into the generator during the shutdown.Compare it with the wattage that the generator can produce.Do not overload the generator by inserting more than the number that the generator can handle.
Place the generator in an open area away from windows, doors and vents.Do not use a generator in a house or in a closed garage.The generator produces carbon monoxide.If used in a closed area, they can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
By setting the generator on a dry ground or on a suitable surface, such as a concrete pad, keep the generator dry.If it rains or snows outside, protect the generator with an open canopy overhead.
Ensure cooling of generator motor.Check the oil and fuel supply and add oil or gasoline as needed.Do not refuel the generator when the engine is hot, because it will cause a fire or explosion hazard.Make sure that any appliance plugged into the generator is off.Start the generator according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Use a heavy-Ground outdoor extension cord for inserting electrical appliances and other items into the generator.You can plug some of the equipment directly into the generator, but since the generator has to be kept outside, this is usually impractical or impossible.
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