outlet with built in surge protector Do Clothes Washing Machines Need Special Electrical Hookups?

by:KEBO      2019-11-03
Special electrical connections are generally not required for washing machines, but some large household appliances do require 240-V outlets.Most electric stoves and dryers, as well as some washing machines, require a higher working voltage.Most washing machines will run on a regular 120-V home socket.However, when installing a socket for a new washing machine, keep in mind other considerations.If your washing machine needs 240 V to run, your socket needs to be wired horizontally for that voltage and there is a plug configuration that matches the power plug of your washing machine.A 240-V power outlets and plug pins and sockets with 120-V versions;This avoids the accidental use of low-voltage socketsVoltage appliances.Only a licensed electrician should install 240-Due to improper wiring, the V socket will cause damage to your washing machine, cause damage to yourself, and even cause fire.Ground fault circuit breaker (GFCI) is a socket protected by surge protector.Need them around the sink and other water sources at home.If the wires suddenly surge, GFCI will trip like a hairdryer is thrown into a sink full of water.This helps reduce the risk of electric shock and fire.The owner may mistakenly think the washing machine is a kind of water.GFCI socket is required to use the device.In fact, if you only have a washing machine in your laundry room, then GFCIs is not required.However, if there is a sink within 6 feet of the washing machine outlet, GFCI outlet is required.Your washing machine outlet should be placed on the drain hose and water pipe attached to your machine.Both are easy.of-Use issues and security issues.Place the socket above the machine and you can unplug the device without having to pull it out of the wall.It also keeps the outlet away from the water pipes that may leak and the drains that may overflow.If your washing machine requires 240 V, it may have any of the multiple plug configurations.Find out what kind of plug your new washing machine has before having the new 240V socket installed.Installing a new socket is much easier and safer than installing a new plug on the washing machine wire.The plug will be standard if the washing machine runs under 120 V, any 120-V power outlets can be used to power the device.
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