on grid inverter How to Change My Hot Tub From Electric to Solar

by:KEBO      2019-11-17
Any equipment running on the power grid, including the hot tub, can operate on the power provided by the solar panel, but certain logistical considerations apply as well.Hot tub heater running on 240-Volt power and draw 30 amps use 7,200 watts, which is about 40 200-Watt solar panels.However, you can reduce the number of panels you need by charging the battery pack and taking the heater off the battery.You can use the energy of the sun to directly heat the water to allow the battery to last longer.Place the hot tub to absorb the sun to the maximum and cover the water with a translucent plastic cover.If the sun is adding hot water in the day, you don't have to provide enough energy at night to keep it warm and can use a smaller heater, which in turn is required, A smaller battery pack and an array of solar cells.Calculate the power diagram of the heater, that is, the rated current of the heater multiplied by the voltage at which the heater is running.These values are provided on the metal plate, which is usually located near the point where the plug leaves the heater housing.Estimate the number of hours the heater needs to run every day to heat the water and multiply that number of hours by power consumption to get the number of Watt hours the battery needs to supply.Use an online calculator such as a calculator provided free of charge.Com, calculate the number of panels and batteries you need.Place solar panels in sunny places and be as close to the hot tub as possible.This will minimize the amount of wires that must run between the panel and the battery pack, thus minimizing transmission loss.Set up a battery library in a closed, good battery LibraryAs close as possible to the ventilation room of the hot tub.The size of the battery pack and the configuration of the battery will depend on their operating voltage and the amount of power or capacity that can be stored.Connect the wire on the panel to the charging controller and connect the controller to the battery pack using the battery cable.The controller will provide a non-The charging current on the battery fluctuates and protects the battery from overcharging.It will also protect the panel by preventing the power from returning from the battery.Connect the charging controller to an inverter that can convert DC current from the battery to an AC power supply, and you need to run the hot tub at the right voltage.According to the manufacturer's instructions, the inverter should be properly grounded.Before inserting the hot tub heater into the inverter, allow the panel to charge the battery pack.
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