on board battery charger Raiders: Davis says Oakland is his preferred home for team

by:KEBO      2019-11-22
on board battery charger Raiders: Davis says Oakland is his preferred home for team
Raiders and Chargers have long been on the AFC West head-to-head, but Oakland owner Mark Davis said on Friday that their budding partnership could cost $1.The 7 billion Stadium near Los Angeles is not difficult to understand."My dad helped Alex (Spanos) get into the league, and while we 've always been a fierce competitor on the pitch, we have a common philosophy and goal," Davis said ."."We have the same needs.We are two California teams that need the stadium."We may be able to finish this by working together.Ideally, continued efforts to build a new stadium in Auckland will be rewarded first, Davis said.“That’s our No."Staying in Auckland is the top priority, both in the past and in the future," Davis said ."."We really want to stay and have a great opportunity in Los Angeles right now.What do we need to do?"Both the charger and the attacker issued a statement Thursday night to use Carson (Los Angeles County)'s private financing Stadium as a backup plan for development, while they continue to seek stadium deals in the current market.Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said that Marc Badain, President and CEO of the Raiders team, called her on Thursday night.In a statement released on Friday, Schaaf said she had joined officials from Manchester City and Alameda County with the attackers to "explore ways to privately fund their new home in Auckland.She reiterated her position on "reaching an agreement for the attackers, fans and taxpayers.Auckland is worth it.While the city of Auckland has not made much progress since Davis told the Chronicle a year ago that it was "their last chance", there has been some progress.An environmental impact report has been completed.The attackers are just waiting for official advice on how they will separate 120 acres from area A at the existing stadium grounds.There doesn't seem to be enough space to accommodate two stadiums, parking spaces and retail stores, which are important components of the original "stadium city" program.At the same time, it is reported that the charger-St, born by the Raiders partner.The owner of the Louis Rams, Stan Kroenke, announced on January that he plans to build a stadium in Inglewood (Los Angeles County.But coalition sources say this is not the case, and charger officials have been meeting with Carson officials for 10 months.The charger brought the Raiders to the ship last month, and the team cooperated with the investment company Starwood Capital Group to buy 168-Acre parcel near Carson Interstate 405.Manica construction, which is planning for the San Francisco United Stadium and the Warriors arena, said the stadium is expected to have a capacity of 72,000.The site has been running for a while.When the Houston Texans were awarded the expansion team in 1999, they beat the Los Angeles team originally based in Carson."This is one of the sites that the attackers and the NFL have been interested in," Davis said .".Carson officials held a town hall press conference/celebration on Friday morning, but no representative of the attackers attended.Mark Fabiani, special adviser to the charger, attended the meeting but did not take the stage or speak.When politicians and labor leaders talk about the work the team will bring, the attackers and Charger fans are at hand."This will change our city forever," Carson Mayor Jim Dear told the crowd ."."You are in the right place at the right time."Carson2gether" is a group of business and labor leaders who intend to launch a petition campaign to get voters to approve the construction of the stadium.The charger and the attacker still have to submit the Carson proposal to the NFL relocation committee and then need 24 votes from 32 owners for greenlight a move.A league official said it was "a match between three teams competing for a stadium and two positions in Los Angeles."Chargers, Raiders and Rams can all terminate their leases at the end of the 2015 season and move to Los Angeles in 2016.(The attacker has agreed to a clause --The rental period of the Auckland stadium is extended for one year.) The two teams are likely to move to Los Angeles in 2016, and the two teams need a temporary home for several seasons, league sources said.Rose Bowl for redecoration.Fabiano tells ESPN why a footballOnly the stadium in Carson is attractive."There's a lot of space on this land, so you can do whatever you want and create a great fan experience on game day," he said ."."It's easy to get from Los Angeles.A.And Orange County.Easy access from the highway system.Plenty of parking will be available.It will be home for the two teams."I think it's always a given," Fabiani said ."."If a stadium is built, there will be two teams in it.This is the reality of the world.The two teams make financing easier.It's not brain surgery."Since the Rams and Raiders left for San LA, there is no NFL team in the Los Angeles market.Louis and Auckland, respectively, on 1995.
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