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by:KEBO      2019-07-15
It is not a very complicated process to do electric vehicle conversion, but you need to get some special parts.
You need a motor, deep cycle battery, controller, battery charger, adapter kit and a variety of other small parts.
But first of all, you need a car that can be adapted to an electric car.Any vehicle can be used for this project, but some vehicles work better than others.
Cars and trucks topped the list for their lightness and firmness.As shown in the detailed plan, your first consideration is to find the lightest vehicle, which can still ship you and any goods you carry with you.
Next, you will want a large DC motor that can generate electricity for your electric vehicle.The larger the motor, the greater the power of your electric car.
Don't worry it will be slow too.Many people are wrong about the impression of electric cars;They are as fast as any vehicle on the road and travel at a speed of 50 miles per hour.
What about the battery?
You also need to find about 20 deep cycle batteries for your car.The plans outline the source of the battery, even the free battery you can easily find.The same power supply may also have a free DC motor.
Just a question.
Why do you need 20 batteries?To reach a distance of 200 miles, you need so many batteries.
A controller is needed to fix the flow of electricity from the battery to the motor, which determines how fast you are going.The controller is connected to your old accelerator pedal connecting rod for smooth control of the vehicle.
In order to charge your battery between trips, you need a car battery charger.That way, you can simply plug it into any normal AC circuit and charge it again.
Should you start your own transformation.
The plan to go to the electric car started.
Do you need more information, electric vehicle conversion-
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