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by:KEBO      2019-10-07
The return on investment in solar energy is long-term, but continuous.Due to limited supply of fossil fuels and rising greenhouse gas levels, the way people produce and consume electricity needs to be changed, and this clean source of electricity will become more feasible, efficient and necessary.Learning how to connect alternative energy to your home will take you one step ahead of the game.
Connect the solar panels together so they can combine the amplifier with the voltage.Calculate the total voltage and amplifier output of the appliance you will supply from the solar panel.This will let you know how to connect the panels together for a specific voltage and amplifier output.You can choose a series circuit, a parallel circuit, or a combination of two circuits, which will generate the maximum volts and amps for your system.
Connect your solar panel to the charging controller.This will release any excess solar energy from your deep overloadCycle the battery to ensure that your battery has the maximum shelf life and is able to experience the maximum number of cycles per battery.Deep type-The cycle battery you buy will determine how many years and cycles it can last.
Connect the deep cycle battery to the AC inverter.Because most of your home appliances and electricity require alternating current (AC), if not all, you need to convert your solar energy in the form of DC, provide the form available for your device.If you want to hang the solar panel on the electric box, the inverter is necessary.
Connect the wire of the AC inverter to the electric box.Make sure that there is no risk of damage to any exposed line and that it will not get in the way.Wrap the wire with adhesive tape and protective sheath to ensure the safety and reliability of the wire.
Turn off the main circuit breaker switch of the circuit breaker box.This will turn off all the power to your electric box so you can work safely.The main circuit breaker is usually on or near your electric box.However, some home's main circuit breaker switches are located in different positions.
Disconnect the wires of the electrical system on the power box.In order to find these wires, you need to unscrew the front panel on the breaker box.
Connect the electric box with the wires on the solar panel.You need to decide the circuit you want to get power from the solar panel.To connect to an existing system, when you disconnect the wires from the electric box, peel off the ends of the black and white wires and twist them with the wires of the inverter.
By connecting the wires to the circuit breaker circuit and opening the circuit breaker, reassemble the electrical box configuration, as before.Turn on the main circuit breaker and turn on the power supply of the electric box and other parts of your home.
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