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by:KEBO      2019-09-26
The winter electricity bill will be twice or three times the summer energy budget.You can save 20% to 80% of the cost in a week.Very simple new home-made-Energy prices range from $100 to $200.Follow these 12 free and easy steps to save over 25% of your winter energy budget.Add another step to save up to 80%.12 steps of energy conservation: first.)-Replace the filter on the air-Air conditioning and heaters are used every 30 days to keep the system working and to help keep the indoor air clean.2.)-Clean the coils on the back of the refrigerator every 4 to 6 months.If the doors and windows are not tight, peel off some cheap weather around the doors and windows.3.)-Keep the thermostat at the best energy-During the cooling and heating season, energy is saved.The suggestion to save energy to the maximum is 78 degrees in summer and 68 degrees in winter.Every degree you can improve in the summer or in the winter you can save 2 to 10% on heating and cooling costs, so this can make a big difference.4.)-Turn off the lights, fans and other appliances when you leave any area.5.)-Be careful when you tidy up the furniture that it does not clog the vents or heaters.6.)-Unplug the electrical and electronic products that are not often used.Battery chargers, power adapters, spare computers, and old TVs can consume 2-5% of your budget because they don't really turn off.7.)-Even if it is a small leak, let the landlord repair it.Hot water can be as expensive as electricity, and small leaks can add a lot of energywasters.It is also possible to occasionally clean the inflator in the faucet and shower head to minimize the use of water and the energy of the hot water.8.)-Keep your refrigerator in place-The refrigerator is usually 37 degrees and the refrigerator is usually 0 degrees.Use the thermometer to verify that the settings are correct.Research has shown that a full refrigerator can keep the cold for longer when the door is open, so if there is not enough food to keep the equipment intact, fill the kettle with water.9.)-Replace incandescent lamps with Energy StarCompact fluorescent lamp rated.They will last longer and operate with less energy, and they will not release heat like traditional bulbs do.10,)-Keep the blinds and curtains closed during the summer months to keep the Heat open and keep the sun warm into the room during the winter months.11.)-Wash and rinse the clothes with cold water.You will save the energy you use to heat the water and the clothes should be as clean as they are.12.)-Finally, check the settings on the water heater.Mostly from the factory.Set at 140 degrees-Far beyond your needs, enough to cause serious burns.Reduce it to about 122 degrees, which will be enough to meet the needs of most families.= What will be taken.)-Build 70 W solar panels for $450, build 140 W wind turbines for $100, or build magnetic generators for $.Construction can be completed within the weekend to the week.This is very important ~ You need a guide if you really want free energy at home and you are willing to build a device yourself to save costs.These new guidelines have completed all the development work and provide step by step guidance.This saves both time and money.Usually you can start operations in less than a week.All of these guidelines are written for laymen with low technical requirements.Items around the house usually require materials and tools.The first model you make is like training.Once you do the first one, you can do the other bigger and stronger.
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