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by:KEBO      2019-10-13
You can splice low-voltage wires with welding and electrical tape or various connectors or splicing kits.Select the connection method according to cable type, voltage and current.For ordinary household wires, hemp flowers for electricians-Attach the connector with tape and place it in the connecting box.Shrink tube makes it cleaner and longerLonger lasting than tape.Low voltage, underground wiring and high current wiring require special treatment as well.The silicone sealer seals the wiring of water penetration.
Get twist-Wiring connectors for common household wiring joints.Turn off the power.Install a connecting box or use an existing box.Plug in the cable by connecting the box hole.Peel off the 1 inch insulation from the wires to be connected and wrap the wires with matching insulation colors together.Twisted twist-Wire Connector.Wrap the connector and the connected wire with tape.Place the connected wire in the connecting box and tighten the strain-Relief fixture on cable.Connect the screws on the box cover.
Low-voltage wiring using welding and heat shrink tubes such as 12-Indoor wiring.Disconnect the power supply.Slip a three-Shrink tube inch length on one wire of each joint.Peel off 1 inch insulation from each wire.The wire of the same polarity is smoothly wound together horizontally, so that the twisted part is consistent with the wire.Weld the connection to make the weld penetrate the twisted wire.Slide the Shrink tube over the joint.Blow on the shrink tube with a hair dryer until it shrinks on the joint.
Low connection with splicing kitOutdoor wiring voltage such as landscape lighting.Disconnect the power supply.Peel 1 inch of the insulation from each wire and place the wire into the connector that comes with the kit.Twist or turn off the connector according to the instructions of the kit.According to the instructions attached to the kit, insert the connection into the protective tube and seal the pipe.Buried the sealed water.Proof connection.
Use a kit that provides additional strength and protection to connect special wiring with high current or wiring under pressure.Turn off the power.According to the requirements of the kit, 1 inch or more insulation is stripped from each wire.Put the wire into the connector as described in the kit instructions, curl or tighten the connector.Put the connection in the case or container and heat it-Shrink or tighten it according to the instructions of the kit.
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