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by:KEBO      2019-10-19
Recently, I have several customers asking me what it means to get permission, bonded and insurance in Florida?Most consumers mistakenly believe that a person or company working as a locksmith is licensed.This is not the case in many states, including Florida.Let me start with insurance first, because this is the simplest answer, which is basically self-explanatory.Insurance means that the company or individual is responsible for insurance.Applicable insurance and car insurance.This is to protect the customer in the event of an unfortunate event.
We will go to bonding next.Bonds are much like insurance, either issued through insurance companies, bond companies, or through the American locksmith Association(ALOA).This is a pre-set amount that can cover any loss that may occur.Some companies and municipalities also need to bid on bonds.This is to ensure that once you are awarded a job, the customer can receive money to hire another company to fulfill your obligations if for any reason you are unable to comply with the terms of the contract.
The next step is licensing.This is a sensitive topic in Florida because Florida does not need a locksmith's license.Many people who get licenses for advertising only have professional licenses that business people need, not trade-specific licenses.However, some locksmiths hold low-voltage electrical permits for access control and CCTV.The national name of these low voltage licenses will be the ES license representing the electrical profession.There is also an EF license for theft prevention and fire alarm as well as low pressure.Finally, there is an EC license for all high and low voltage electrical.In Florida, even if a battery operated lock is to be installed, it requires a low voltage license that most locksmiths do not have.
Currently, there is a bill in front of the Florida House (HB 107) that requires all locksmith to be licensed.This is an industry-specific license similar to electrical, plumbing, or any other trade license.Although our company is a state-licensed electrical contractor, I personally think it is important for consumers to understand this.This permit requires criminal background checks on all locksmith, which is not required at this time.So far, consumers have no idea who will get to the door there, and then there is a key to enter there that could be a convicted criminal.It also requires insurance and license numbers for all forms of advertising so that consumers can check with the state to ensure that the companies they are dealing with are in good standing.
There are many benefits for consumers to pass this bill.Florida has become the target of so-called locksmith cheats or 24/7 locksmith scams that plague many parts of our country and are taking advantage of many.In order to combat the epidemic in law, we must establish a licensing system.Fake locksmith attacks unsuspecting consumers by running multiple ads in the phone book and the Internet, and tries to pretend to be a local company.They use fake addresses and often use similar names from existing legal locksmith companies.They reported a price on the phone and then when they arrived they told the consumer that it was just coming out, not including the service the consumer requested.When they finish the bill, the bill is 3-4 times higher than the quote, in most cases they will install the inferior product and try to pass it as a top product.
Several news agencies conducted undercover investigations and captured the men in the act, but the attorney general was tied up for lack of permission.Good morning, the United States even reported this on a recent broadcast, as the epidemic is sweeping across the country.It's time for people to set up and call the delegates there and ask them to approve the bill so that we can have some means to eliminate the threat.We have opened a blog entry on our website www about this visit and comment on the Florida House bill.We will make sure that the information is received by ALOA.
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