low voltage regulator does it really matter whom i buy my security system from ...

by:KEBO      2019-10-19
Well, is that really different?

* Did they get the proper permission from the low pressure company in your state and get full coverage of liability and worker compensation?
* Will all workers (including subcontractors) who may enter my home or business be covered by this insurance?
* Is there a complaint registered with a better bureau of commerce about their work?
* What professional organization do they belong?
* Are they giving away only the free system or can you buy the system directly & who do you choose to monitor it?
* Most security systems companies do not make most of their profits from sales security systems;It comes from monitoring contracts.That's why they are so willing to give them "free.(I'm not saying there's something wrong with choosing a "free" system.In fact, sometimes it makes sense according to your situation.I just want you to know that, though.) Always ask them if they offer the option to purchase the system directly and monitor the system without a contract.
* Do you know that monitoring contracts can be so profitable that a business plan written is based entirely on a simple buy and sell monitoring contract?
* So the question is: you may know who is monitoring your home security system today...But who will monitor it tomorrow?
* There is a big difference between authorized alarm dealers....Just another marketing company.The marketing company knows very well how to make an incredible offer on the home safety system.But keep this in mind, their goal is usually to "flip quickly" or sell your contract at a profit.So what kind of customer service do you think you will get when you have a problem, or worse?
* So always ask in advance...Are you an authorized alarm dealer?
* Also, will you sell my alarm monitoring contract in the future?
* Who will guarantee my home security system?
* How long is the guarantor?
* If there is a problem after the guarantor expires...Who should I call & have the technician evaluate how much my question will cost?
* When I call to ask questions about customer service...Can I talk to a living person?..Or just a machine?
Can my new device be monitored by anyone?..Or "proprietary devices" (in other words, the devices only work with their monitoring services?
* Will the "local" monitoring company monitor my home?..Or "country?
If they have a moment of hesitation..You may want to continue looking for the right home safety system advisor.
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