low power voltage regulator My Lawn Mower Battery Drains After 1 or 2 Uses

by:KEBO      2019-11-23
low power voltage regulator My Lawn Mower Battery Drains After 1 or 2 Uses
Mower usually has 12-Use volt batteries like cars.However, some people exercise less, 6-volt model.The battery in the mower has a primary purpose: it provides the power needed to start the engine.After the mower is running, its electrical system charges the battery in order to be ready for the next boot.The reason why the battery runs out is on this system.Leaving the key in the "on" position is an error that can drain the battery in a short time.The same happens when the headlights are still on and the mower is turned off.The battery powers any electrical components of the mower that remain open when the engine is turned off.The mower may start and run well in one cut of grass, and then cannot turn the engine the next time it is cut.Double-Check the light switch before turning off the mower and turning off the key, then remove the key as a reminder.At the end of the mowing season, disconnect the battery cable for storage.Slowly charge the battery at the beginning of the next mowing season.Corrosion is a white to brown powder housing that usually accumulates around battery terminals or pillars.The presence of corrosion indicates that the battery is loose in connection to the post, or that the gas inside the battery leaks and reacts with the metal terminals.The presence of corrosion alone does not prevent the battery from charging, but may be a precursor to a larger problem.Cracks in the shell near the Pillar may be the source of gas leakage.A loose connection makes the battery work harder than it should, thus quickly draining its power.Clean the corrosion, tighten the battery connection and check if there is a crack in the battery box.The battery will lose its charge for a period of time, usually lasting three to four weeks in the case of the mower battery.Waiting a long time between use may be enough to run out of battery to prevent it from restarting the mower.Even if the loss is small, if not impossible, it is enough to make the beginning difficult.A battery that does not charge for a week or two may be coming to an end with an average life of about four years.Battery-The lawn mower is equipped with a charging system that usually includes an AC generator and a voltage regulator.These parts can only work well when the mower is running at full speed.The throttle position determines the number of turns the engine rotates per minute.Running the engine at a speed of 10% lower than the maximum rpm output is enough to significantly change the output of the charging system.The result is that the battery is often dead.Another possibility is that a fault may occur with an AC generator or a voltage regulator.Replace these parts to restore the charging function of the mower.
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