low power voltage regulator How to Test a Doorbell Transformer

by:KEBO      2019-11-23
low power voltage regulator How to Test a Doorbell Transformer
The doorbell transformer reduces home current from 120 V to about 16 v.Doorbell transformers may be located anywhere in the home, but electricians usually install them near the home's main electrical panel or near the heating and cooling system.Once you find the transformer, you can use a simple, lowVoltage test the lamp, or get an accurate voltage reading with a multimeter.Find the container.These are usually only a few inches long, wide, deep, two narrowThe volume line connected with the screw.The narrow-There is a wire on the doorbell button.Trace wires from these buttons.Set the multimeter to low voltage settings--There are usually 25 v ac voltage on the meter, and "ac" means AC power.You don't need to turn off the power at home in order to check the transformer.Be sure to put the probe in two narrow-The measuring wire drawn from the transformer, not with 120-Current at home.Touch a probe of the multimeter to each screw head on the transformer, where a thin line leads to the doorbell button.The 16 Volt reading indicates that the transformer is working properly.Less than 16 volts means a transformer needs to be replaced.Each probe with low touchIf the multimeter is not used, the voltage test light for each screw head on the transformer.If the light is not on, the transformer is broken.If the doorbell transformer is installed on or near the junction box, you can replace the device as long as you turn off the power at home on the main electrical panel.For safety reasons, please consult the electrician instead of replacing the transformer installed on the home main electrical panel.Do not touch the multimeter or test lights to cause any screws or exposed wires on the current side of the transformer's home.Doing so may result in electric shock.
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