lightning surge protection devices the use of surge protection in clean energy facilities

by:KEBO      2019-07-02
The alternative energy production market is essentially a combination of all production methods that do not use fossil fuels as a fuel source.This means that, in order for the turbine to turn, there is no need to burn fuel to generate electricity that is used, stored and ultimately delivered to the customer.Most of the time, because there is no pollution or products related to the process, these processes are called "clean energy production ".The turbine rotates through the use or direction of natural elements such as wind, running water or sunlight.These elements are not destroyed by burning, but simply used to produce motion in their natural state.While producing pollution-free or greenhouse gases with these processes is certainly a benefit, the ultimate goal is to create cleaner, cheaper power.Because the source of fuel used in green technology is free, in the current situation, the cost associated with this process is ultimately more expensive than fossil production.Costs associated with the process are found in equipment repair and replacement.
Because clean energy is a technical solution, the equipment used in the process is computerized and expensive.Although the actual cost of purchasing the installation equipment may not be a problem, defects in increasing costs are found in the ongoing operation.Because the equipment is placed on site and connected directly to fuel capture mechanisms such as solar panels and windmills, lightning strikes and surges pose a risk of damage.Whenever a component on site is hit by lightning (a common phenomenon), the surge travels along the connected power cord and in contact with the connected device.This surge usually overload internal components and circuits, causing both damage that must be repaired and taking the system offline during peak production times.These combined losses create a situation where, in order to maintain profiity, the electricity generated must be priced accordingly, resulting in a higher bill if electricity is produced in this way.Fortunately, the solution is also a technical solution, and the development of advanced surge protection devices installed in these clean energy power structures at these critical moments can reduce the expected damage and ultimately reduceAs production costs decline, the cost of customers having to supply power per unit also decreases, resulting in a clean and cheap power supply.
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