lightning surge protection devices a safer way for high rise structures to handle surge

by:KEBO      2019-07-03
Recent research has shown that in addition to the installation of expensive lightning protection systems on high-rise buildings, electronic equipment inside the structure is still damaged.Thunderbolt will not only affect our structure externally, but also cause damage to our sensitive devices.Only 50-60% of the lightning current is dispersed to Earth through an externally installed system.
The remaining current is left in the building in the form of surge current.Therefore, skyscrapers need not only external lightning protection systems, but also internal lightning protection systems to protect their electronic equipment.Keeping this fact in mind, the "national building code 2016" stipulates that internal lightning protection systems and external lightning protection systems must be installed.
According to a study, the most common cause of damage to expensive equipment is the surge.The surge is defined as the sudden rise of voltage to a specified level or above in a current lasting only 3 nanoseconds.Some of the sources of the surge areDirect lightning, indirect lightning, switching activity, faulty line, utility power failure, electrical noise, electrical coupling, magnetic field, etc.
In order to overcome or cope with these unwanted transient conditions, we need to install two mandatory processes.One is equi-The potential combination, the other is the surge protection device.Equi-All metal facades present in the structure should be potentially bonded.
Low impedance bonding network is required to avoid the difference in hazardous potential between all devices inside the internal LPZ.The surge protection device is a device installed in different positions and different public facilities in the structure, with the aim of discarding unwanted surges to the ground by providing a low impedance path of current.It can not only bypass surge current, but also protect our expensive electronics and machinery from damage.
If we say any high-rise structure, it is mainly to require the installation of AC power arresters in buildings.Surge protectors for AC power supply include-Class B/I Social Democratic Party will be installed at the main entrance of the main power distribution board, and Class C/II Social Democratic Party will be installed at the entrance of the sub-floorDistribution board.Class B surge protector handles the transient caused by direct lightning with a fault capacity of 100kA, and Class C surge protector handles switching surge with a fault capacity of 40kA.
In addition, Class B C, lightning and switch Social Democratic Party are also used as a cost-effective solution for fault current up to 65kA.Class B class C is basically a combination of class B and Class C
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