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by:KEBO      2019-10-05
As part of the electrical installation, the outdoor gate opener needs lightning protection.The National Electrical Code (NEC) regulates all electrical equipment in the United States.The electric machinery permanently installed outdoors belongs to NEC 675th.Article 675-15 explain the lightning protection and installation of the ground bar placed near the fixed part of the equipment.When properly installed, a long metal rod brings lightning safely into the earth.The actual installation of the stick and subsequent wiring must follow the rules set out in Article 250th-"The method of grounding.
Place the end of 8-foot-A long grounding rod not more than 6 feet away from the fixed point of the electric door opener.This should be the main electrical junction box on the door opener control mechanism, where all electrical connections are made for the unit.In other words, the grounding rod must be 6 feet away from the main electric box of the door opener.
Use a hammer to break the stick into the soil.Keep the bar as vertical as possible.Expose 3 inch of the top of the stick to the ground.
Connect the ground connector to the exposed part of the rod using a screwdriver.Tighten the two screws and secure the wire connector firmly on the rod.
Insert one end of the #6 ad hoc working group bare copper wire into the wire connector on the ground wire.Tighten the screws and fix the wires in place.
Run #6 gw of bare copper wire on the electrical junction box connected to the door opener as directly as possible.Wire cut into length with wire cutting machine.
Mechanically attach bare copper wire to a metal box.This can be done by loosening an mounting screw that holds the electric box on the metal frame of the door opener.Wrap the end of the #6 gw bare copper wire around the mounting screw and tighten it in place.When tightening the screws, make sure to keep good mechanical bonding.
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