lightning and surge protection What Causes Thunder

by:KEBO      2019-09-04
Lightning is always accompanied by lightning.But what exactly caused the Thunder?Let's find out...
Lightning is the sound of lightning.Lightning and the accompanying thunder appear at about the same time.
Nevertheless, we all know that lightning is first seen, followed by thunder a few seconds later.This phenomenon occurs because light travels much faster than sound waves.
To understand the cause of lightning, it is necessary to first understand lightning.Well!Lightning is the electricity released during a thunderstorm.
Lightning is caused by buildings.The rise and discharge of electric energy in the thunderstorm cloud, with an average altitude of about 15,000 to 25,000 feet.Lightning usually occurs within clouds, between clouds and air, or between the ground and the cloud.
According to the nature of the lightning, it has various types such as in-Cloud Lightning, cloudto-Lightning on the ground, cloudto-Cloud Lightning, piece Lightning, bead lightning, Ribbon lightning, ball lightning and blue lightning.
So, what caused the Thunder?
Many theories have been discussed about the cause and creation of the Thunder.In the third century BC, it was believed that lightning was caused by the collision of clouds.However, the most accepted theory was put forward in the 20 th century.
According to this theory, lightning can cause thunder.Lightning composed of electronic streams is very hot, much hotter than the surface of the sun.It is estimated that the temperature of the bolt is 30,000 to 50,000 degrees F (I.e., 28,000 °C).
When the high temperature Bolt hits the surrounding air, the temperature rises suddenly.It brings an instant expansion of the heated air outward.Due to the compression of the heated air, the increased pressure is obvious.Then, the rapid expansion of compressed air will send out shock waves or vibrations, and we will hear the explosion.
In short, lightning is caused by the rapid heating and cooling of air near lightning.Depending on the nature of the Lightning and the distance of the listener from the origin of the sound, the intensity of the Thunder will vary.
If lightning strikes within a range of 10 miles or more, the Thunder can be clearly seen.You canxa0Guess the distance from the strike;Count the interval between lightning and thunder in seconds, divide the interval by 5.This isxa0The approximate distance in miles.
If you are close to lightning, you will hear sharp Thunder;If you are far away, the sound looks like a low rumble.The sound of rumbling is because of the Echo,xa0Caused by sound waves reflected on buildings, trees and hillsides.

Lightning has created thunderous prosperity.In some cases, lightning may not be accompanied by thunder.The reason may be that the distance from the lightning is further (more than 15 miles ).
However, one thing to note is that, depending on how close we are to lightning strikes, thunderstorms can be dangerous.If the Thunder is loud, it will hurt our ears and cause internal damage.
In the United States, an average of about 100 people die each year, and some have lifelong disabilities due to lightning.When people are trapped outdoors on rainy days, most lightning casualties occur.
If you are outside during a thunderstorm, it is best to avoid open fields, beaches and lakes, and also away from tall trees.The safest way is to get into your home or stay in the car.In the latter case, you should not touch the metal because it is a good conductor of electricity.
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