lightning and surge protection Thunderstorm Facts

by:KEBO      2019-09-04
Thunderstorms are common all over the world.But there are many things that many people don't know about them.For some interesting thunderstorm facts, scroll down...
Thunderstorms are defined as storms that contain lightning and thunder, which are caused by unstable atmospheric conditions.When cold high-altitude air sinks and warm wet air rises, storm clouds or "Thunder heads" develop, leading to thunderstorms.This can occur separately in a cluster or line.Heavy thunderstorms can cause heavy rains, causing floods, strong winds, lightning, hail, and even tornadoes.

(A Latin word translated into "rain pile ").These types of clouds can span the entire atmosphere and can be more than 12 miles high.In an extreme stormThe draft can reach 100 miles per hour while fallingDrafts can be even higher.
KAMPALA, Uganda is the region with the worst thunderstorms in the world.About 240 per year.
Venezuela produces more lightning every year than any other storm.
There has never been a thunderstorm in the coastal desert of Chile.
Thunderstorms can cause extensive damage to life and property.You need to be very careful, especially if you live in areas where thunderstorms are common.Make sure you and your family are in good healthGet ready and have a clear idea of where to live during the severe storm.Seek shelter under a tree should be avoided because gusts can root trees or break old branches, causing damage or even death.Avoid standing near the lamppost and street lights, and avoid using electrical appliances during thunderstorms.Stay safe, stay calm and let the Thunder move on.
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