lightning and surge protection Causes of Lightning and Thunder

by:KEBO      2019-09-05
Lightning and lightning are considered the most common natural events in the world, so the fact that we know very little about their causes is surprising in itself.
There are too many myths about lightning and thunder, and there are countless.American Indians believe that lightning and thunder are caused by a mysterious creature whose mouth and wings are Thunderbirds.Similarly, Norwegian mythology attributed lightning and thunder to the Norwegian Thunder God Sorley, who used a hammer to create lightning and thunder.Myth aside, modern science today explains these natural events...Believe us, neither Thor nor Thunderbird.
Lightning is a sudden discharge, accompanied by the launch of light, which originated in the clouds during thunderstorms, sandstorms and volcanic eruptions.When it happens, it's often accompanied by thunder, me.e.Loud noise caused by air expansion.There are different types of lightning, such as the fork lightning that occurs between the cloud and the ground, and the single lightning that occurs inside the cloud.
Basically, thunderstorms occur in the rain cloud, which contains water droplets, ice grains and hail.When these components of the rain cloud rub against each other, they are charged.Usually, at any given point in time, there are particles with positive and negative electricity in the sky.However, the difference is that they are evenly distributed in the calm sky and uneven in the Thunder Cloud.In these clouds, positively charged particles are lighter, so they move up and form the upper part of the cloud.On the other hand, those with negative power are heavier, so they settle down and form the basis of the cloud.According to the basic rules of opposite attraction, these particles with opposite charges attract each other for a period of time.As they move each other, the electrical build-up between them causes the lightning to strike in the form of a spark that lasts for a second or two.
In the case of fork lightning, the negatively charged particles at the bottom of the cloud are attracted to positively charged particles on the ground.On the other hand, in the case of single lightning, the negatively charged particles at the bottom of the cloud are attracted to positively charged particles in the same cloud (insideLightning clouds) or other clouds around (internal cloudsCloud Lightning ).When the accumulation of charge causes lightning (Ie., Lightning), Lightning is caused by lightning in turn.
When you fill the balloon with air, the balloon will expand, and this air expansion will eventually cause the balloon to explode with a bang.Thunder is caused by the same phenomenon, in which lightning heats up the air and expands it, which produces a huge noise that we call Thunder.A single spark of lightning lasts no more than a second or two, and the temperature is about 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit.This is much hotter than the surface temperature of the sun.When the lightning strikes, it heats up the air around it.This extreme heating of the air leads to its expansion, which in turn triggers Thunder in the form of sound waves.
You must have noticed that you first see the lightning in the sky and then hear the thunder.This makes many people believe that there will be lightning after lightning.However, the fact is that both happen at the same time.It seems that lightning predates thunder because the light travels faster than the sound.Lightning is one of the natural disasters that often occur, causing more than a hundred deaths in the United States every year, which explains why people are so afraid of it.
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