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by:KEBO      2019-08-13
Inverters are a key component of solar installation as they help to convert DC power into more useful AC power that can be entered into the grid or off-grid power system for local use.Modern inverters provide diagnostic information that technicians can use to identify and address a variety of issues of concern, such as fast average repair time (MTTR), Operation and maintenance services, and preventive maintenance.Solar panels use maximum power point tracking (maximum power point tracking) to maximize the power generation of photovoltaic arrays.The most widely used inverter types on the market today include;Central inverter, string inverter, battery-based inverter charger and micro inverter.The series inverters are widely used in commercial and residential applications because they are suitable for small utilities and can be easily paired with power optimizers.On the other hand, the central inverters look very similar to the string inverters, but they support many panels and tend to be larger.Compared to other types of inverters, one of the main advantages of using a central inverter is that it is suitable for rooftop solar panels at low cost.Central inverters and string inverters have the largest share in the inverter market, with a current share of more than 95% in the United States.Because the micro inverter uses the module power range and can work with one photovoltaic module, the efficiency is high.This design makes it easy to set up parallel connections of several independent solar cells in a modular way.Other benefits of using a micro inverter include easy plug-and-play installation, fire safety features, and maximum inventory.The new micro inverter design also allows users to monitor the performance of a single solar panel via a portal or smartphone app.If you want to purchase any of these inverters, it is better to find a dealer or manufacturer that offers a long-term warranty.Most companies offer warranty ranging from 10 to 25 years.ASC Energy is a leading distributor of photovoltaic inverters and modules for trusted manufacturers.The company is authorized to distribute Huawei inverters, Canadian Solar panels and HT-SAAE modules.The most popular products in stock include HT60-165 solar panels and Huawei solar inverters.The efficiency level of this commercial Huawei inverter solar system ranges from 8 KW to 42 KW.To ensure customer satisfaction, ACS technical support covers maintenance, system design, system operation and engineering for small and large projects.ASC is fully committed to its mission of promoting a shift to renewable energy through its green energy efforts.The whole strategy is based on reducing carbon emissions.
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