inverter dc ac power AC DC Power Supply Uses and Applications

by:KEBO      2019-07-30
Power supplies;We use them every day and don't even realize it.We have computers, mobile phones, office equipment. you can say that.Almost everything we use has power.Almost every consumer electronics has some form of power embedded in it.There are also commercial and industrial power supplies for factory automation, telecom, data and image processing, and aerospace.Good medical power supply.Look around you and there's power everywhere.So what is power supply?What is the AC voltage, what is the difference between DC voltage?It's all chaotic.Let's break it down.When it comes to power supply, you usually mean DC voltage.DC refers to the flow of charge in a constant direction.Electronics are designed for a smaller DC voltage, just like a battery.On the other hand, the AC voltage is AC.This means that its current direction is periodically reversed.Household appliances such as toaster, blender and coffee-Manufacturers use AC voltages because they don't usually have any "electrons ".You plug them into the wall socket. look, they have electricity.On the other hand, the electronic device uses the power supply to convert the AC voltage to the DC voltage so as not to overload or "fry" the internal electronic device ".Insert the black box/Block of the laptop, mobile phone, IPod, etc.Also plugged into your wall socket.The black box/block is the power supply that receives the AC voltage from the wall socket and converts it internally to the DC voltage of the electronic device.So basically anything electronic has a screen, the keyboard or LED light needs a power supply in order to convert the AC voltage of the wall socket to the DC voltage of the electronic device.In order to make the semiconductor device work properly, it is necessary to adjust the DC voltage.What is Semiconductor?Semiconductor is essential in modern electronic technology and consumer products.A semiconductor is a solid material, usually a silicone, which has electrical conductivity between a conductor and an insulator.Integrated circuits are micro-electronic circuits or chips that can be seen everywhere in electronic devices. they are semiconductor devices.The same is true of transistors, which are devices that can switch and amplify electronic signals.As mentioned above, the regulated voltage can be generated from a commercial AC line or a DC power supply (such as a battery with a DC to DC converter) with an AC to DC power supply.
Today's power design is very different from 20 years ago.The most striking change is the international switch from the linear regulator to the switching power supply;Also known as SMPS.The linear regulator is a regulator whose main job is to continuously adjust the voltage to maintain a constant output voltage.On the other hand, the switch mode is more like an on/off switch.The reason to move to the switching mode power supply is that they provide a higher efficiency of up to 90% instead of 25-The efficiency of the linear regulator is 50%.This is a huge improvement for any industry as it greatly reduces cooling requirements and allows for higher power density.As you can see, the supplier has gone a long way.As we have become accustomed to all the advanced technologies, we rarely notice or even realize what is included in the electronics we use on a daily basis.Now, you can tell everyone you know many uses and applications for power supplies and how they work.
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