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Helmut Schmidt has energy-saving appliances in the kitchen on 2139 Street.He transformed it into one of the most sustainable homes in San Francisco, California.Monday, March 23, 2009.Helmut Schmidt has energy-saving appliances in the kitchen on 2139 Street.He transformed it into one of the most sustainable homes in San Francisco, California.Monday, March 23, 2009.Helmut Schmidt is a vulnerable person who wants to impress.When he saw "an inconvenient truth --Gore's documentary on climate changeSchmidt was inspired to act.Local San Francisco and family Manager-S & L Real Estate bought a small Sunset House.He destroyed it and used the latest technology of sustainable buildings to create one of the greenest and most energy-efficient buildingsEfficient Home in San Francisco.At the end of last month, Schmidt set up a website on the day he went public to help others learn how to incorporate more sustainable features into their homes when building or renovating their homes.The website is also a forum to share the latest technologies for sustainable buildings."Our way of life is important," said Schmidt, 39 ." Schmidt is married with two young daughters."I think we can make really important changes without big trouble.Schmidt said: "Because the state of the Earth is the result of the combined effects of countless seemingly insignificant acts, you don't have to wear a cloak, assume a secret identity, fight a crazy scientist, to make an impact.Small things are very different.Just like using wood certified by the Forest Management Committee in the renovation project, install the doubleFlush toilets can save water or use small fluorescent bulbs to save energy.Every element of sustainable architecture and design enters Schmidt's house, which can be seen from the street across 39 Avenue and does not look like one of the greenest houses in the city."We don't want to change the front too much," he said ."."We hope it fits in with the rest of the block."The small space usually reserved for a small rectangular lawn next to the driveway has been beautified by river stones and ornamental grass that requires little watering.There is a mechanical device inside the entrance to measure the tide and ebb of electricity generated by Channel 2.3-Kilowatt solar power generation system installed on the roof.An inverter box in the garage turns DC into AC.When the energy generated by the system exceeds the energy used by the House, the meter runs backwards, recording the remaining energy flowing into the PG & E line, which is deducted from the utility bill at the end of the month.$20,000 system fee paid via rebate: $4,000 for PG & E and $3,000 for City.National tax incentives have further reduced spending."You don't want to overbuild because solar systems are expensive," said Fairfax Dinsdale, an energy consultant at Fairfax green energy.To avoid this, Dinsdale studied the energy that a family usually uses for more than a year.Because Schmidt is completely rebuilding his home with energy.Efficient lighting, electrical appliances and other equipment, the estimation of energy use is a bit complicated."He (Schmidt) is passionate about all this," Dinsdale said .".The slate steps lead from the front yard to the garage, where Schmidt shows some insulation used to form a seal around the house.On average, each household produces 12 to 15 tons of carbon dioxide per year, he said.A well-Insulation is reduced by 2 to 4 tons.For the walls, Schmidt used recycled cotton from cellulose, broken phone books and blue jeans.None of them contain formaldehyde, a toxic element that is common in home insulation.Fire-Foam-resistant materials are used on the roof."Where things come from and where they go is the most difficult part of sustainability," he said .".Inside, 1,737 square metersfoot, four-bedroom, 2 1/2-The bath house was redesigned by Andre Ross Blatter construction in San Francisco.The kitchen, living room (with fireplace) and dining room create a living space with a view to the sea.Light shoots through the circular skylight above the kitchen.In the living room and dining room, the hemp carpet is covered with cork floors.In the bedroom, the floor is made of salvaged hardwood floors.The design of the bathroom takes into account the reduction of water uselow-Flow shower nozzle and doubleflush toilets.The two buttons at the top of the toilet, marked "one" and "two", select the appropriate flush.Walls are painted with warm earth tones with toxinsfree paint.According to EPA data, air pollution from volatile organic compounds found in most paints is three times that of outdoor air pollution and one of the five major hazards to human health.Schmidt blatt said that Schmidt's plan to build a green house does not affect the design.It plays a role in the choice of bamboo cabinets, cork flooring, recyclingGlass countertops and other sustainable materials.As for the four sunroofs that reduce the amount of energy needed to illuminate the home, Ross Blatter has a simple answer: "I just like to have a lot of light.Xinghua energy star-Rated equipment including pre-equipmentLoad Bosch washing machine with 75% less water than ordinary washing machine.He chose an integrated hot water tank.Air heating system.97%-heated waterForce efficient Phoenix tankAn air heater that heats the home.Two filtered cold air reflux and a circulating air Processor ensure that the air is clean.When it comes to 16-, Schmidt said: "We're doing it right, it takes longer.month project.But this is important.I think it is absolutely important for us to build this way.I think the long-term view is the most important in the real estate industry."The house, initially listed for $1.0.285 billion, now available at $1.James Rogers, Green Key Realty's agent, said the 0.235 billion has attracted the interest of many potential buyers."It seems that everyone likes it very much," he said .""This is a model family.There are about two or three such houses in the whole city."With more sustainable housing listings, he said it was necessary for agents to educate themselves so that they could explain sustainable features to potential buyers.Others related to the real estate industryArchitects, contractors and interior designersAlso changing.Schmidt's bamboo comes from otino.Interior design is designed by space insiders.Even sustainable materials used by host families such as organic sheets, bamboo/cotton mixed pillows, organic kitchen towels and the environment --Log Fire Logs.Schmidt said he might have more than 20 houses like this if he was lucky.He wants his website, www.Sustainable Development.Com, will have a wider impact by spreading information that is critical to healthThe existence of the Earth.Students visit the house in the neighboring St.Ignatius High School, many of whom seem excited and interested in the importance of sustainable architecture, is another sign of hope."I love my city very much," Schmidt said ."."This is very special.We can make it more special."For more information about sustainable families, please visit www.Sustainable
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