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Brian "buddy" Williams sits on the roof of hi Richmond home where photovoltaic cells generate electricity.The 1.The 5 KW system and subsequent solar water heaters on the roof are enough to accommodate their humble house.Lessplasencia/San Francisco Chronicle) lessBrian "buddy" Williams sits on the roof of hi Richmond home, where photovoltaic cells generate electricity.The 1.The 5 KW system and subsequent solar water heaters on the roof are enough to accommodate their humble house.Like many Bay Area residents, Richmond homeowner Brian "Buddy" Williams and Joanne Tippett are closer to home due to news reports this year.The first is the energy crisis in California, and the second is that the United States is not involved in the Kyoto Protocol on global warming.Next is the Sept event.11, this reminds the couple of the complexity of the Middle East, and the control of oil production in the region and our dependence on fossil fuels.In response, Williams and Tippet decided to become more self-contained.Rely on, literally put power in their own hands.They installed a range of solar technologies last summer and fall.Solar-based systems including photovoltaic (PV) power cells that convert sunlight into electricityHeated water tank, energy efficient refrigerator and tube skylight in tube.They expect that these systems will reduce energy consumption and leave them off the grid of PG & E for the benefit of the environment, and most importantly, there is no need to spend an arm and a leg.Williams, senior design assistant at Sausalito, said: "I know I want to invest in renewable solar and photovoltaic cells as soon as possibleFan Delin architects."I also know that California has a very positive rebate system set up by the State Council and managed through the California Energy Council.Roughly speaking, the CEC will refund nearly 50% of the cost of your investment.But even so, the cost is high.However, once I find that as interest rates go down, I can refinance my mortgage, lower my monthly payments and withdraw cash from the equity of the house to buy 1.$11,500 5 KW solar system, deduct my tax interest, still apply for tax refund and federal tax credit, well, this is a No.It is wise to understand that this is the right thing to do." The Texas-Born Williams moved to the Bay Area nine years ago and earned a master's degree in architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, who bought the mid-sized hotelHe and his wife lived in Richmond's house in 1999.(Tippett is currently receiving a PhD in ecological planning and watershed management from the University of Manchester, UK.From the street, it is not obvious which Roof is equipped with solar panels.This is because Williams has installed photovoltaic cells in the west slope of his home, facing the city skyline of backyard, Bay and San Francisco in the distance.The couple chose to stay in touch with PG & E's grid and despite the energy saving and solar power they generated enough power from mesufficient.Essentially, they use PG & E as their battery backup and storage facility, generating an excessive amount of electricity in the summer, which they pass on to utilities and then in the winter, when the system of PG & E cannot generate that much power, it is recovered from PG & E at a minimum cost."My PG & E bill last month was $1.Williams laughed."That's because one day, when I was in a hurry, I needed to use a dryer instead of a clothesline."At the heart of the Williams system is his photovoltaic cell, which consists of 27 separate lights.Capture the panel set on the metal rack and mount to the roof at a slightly raised angle.All in all, these panels can produce 1.5 KW (or 1,500 watts) of electricity per hour, conservatively estimated maximum sunshine of 5 hours per day.Solar panels capture solar energy and generate direct current (DC ).Unobtrusive wires bring DC current into the inverter-A gadget and microprocessor, as big as a bread box on the side of the House --And convert it to AC, which is the type of power used by most household appliances and electrical systems.The AC power supply then either flows into the Williams home or into the transmission lines of PG & E, if not needed.An extra component, digital timeof-Using "meters", track the exact time at which the system provides excess power to utilities.This allowed Williams to sell his power during peak hours (between noon and 6.m.) Same interest rate as customer purchase from PG & E"I can't tell you how wonderful it is to read my meter and see the numbers rotate backwards," Williams said ."."It means I'm from PG & E-Utility companies owe me to change."Williams and Tippet represent an increasing number of California homeowners who are investing in photovoltaic cells and solar technology.While News is an incentive to improve technology selection and status --Economic incentives and regulations enacted have also inspired more homeowners to turn to solar power, at any time since the country's first energy crisis in 1970.Last May, Gov.Gray Davis has significantly increased funding for the California Energy Commission's existing rebate program.The incentive plan aims to stimulate the adoption of solar technology by offering homeowners a rebate of up to $4.50 per solar-generated watt.A warning: you must purchase equipment from manufacturers analyzed and approved by the Central Election Commission who give these rebates based on their effectiveness.At the same time, the national legislature has created the so-called "e-commerce"NET "or" net metering "project, clarifying several rules that regulate PG & E's participation in the project.It now requires PG & E to accept and compensate homeowners for the excess power they provide to the public grid.Over the course of the year, the tide and tide of electricity have been adjusted so that homeowners can store additional electricity during the summer peak months and then extract it during the winter months.These figures show the success of the project.According to David o'reyNET project manager for PG & E, only eight people applied for the project in January 2001.The figure grew to 66 in June, to 107 in September and to 117.Still, Ore says his office is processing 675 applications.The state's CEC rebate program, which attracts more people, has handled at least 3,000 of the rebates."In the first wave of public interest in solar energy in their 70 s, many homeowners are not interested in highMetal appearance of solar panels."It doesn't look like home," Williams said .".Photovoltaic solar panels, developed by Bell Labs and made of harvested silicon materials, became notable when they powered one of the first solar panels in the United StatesS.The satellite "Pioneer One" launched in 1958 ".Williams added: "Today, we have more options as designers make integrated photovoltaic cells.When they are made of multi-crystal materials, the panels can be bent and shaped according to the building structure.When they are made from a polycrystal system, glass glaze can be set to look like purpleColor roof tile.However, the most basic type of singleBattery crystal panels account for most of the sales.According to Williams, the easiest way for any homeowner to sort out all options is to hire a company in what the industry calls a "design/install" store.To install his system, Williams used San Rafael, solar and geothermal.The equal part consultants, electricians and contractors of the design/installation company will assess the energy needs of the home, investigate the location and propose a range of options before designing the system, purchasing and installing the equipment.In addition, these companies will obtain the necessary city or county permits, submit plans to the homeowner's association if necessary, and organize city officials and PG & E to carry out all necessary inspections, who is required to sign-In any international competitionInstallation of bundled energy.Last but not least, they will submit all the documents needed to get the CEC rebate."These companies offer incredible value," Williams said ."."They have a certain level of expertise in dealing with all regulations, requirements and bureaucracy.They were very aware of the ins and outs of this, so two weeks after they submitted my rebate document, I received an email check for $500.To do this, I just need to make a phone call, find a few referees, and then sit down and meet them.Williams spent a little time investigating the range of equipment that collected the sun on his roof."I paid them a deposit and signed the contract.My work is done.In order to price your photovoltaic system, the first problem to be solved is the number of utilities --Provide the electricity you want to replace with solar energy.Some homeowners want to be completely independent.They need to build a system large enough to meet 100% of their energy needs, and in addition, they need to invest in battery backup to store their energy during the night or cloudy winter months.Other homeowners prefer to stay in touch with PG & E and participate in their interactionstied, net-Measurement procedures.In fact, this uses utilities as a battery backup and requires PG & E to buy or, more precisely, credit for the excess solar energy they generate in spring and summer, in return, give them the same percentage of free electricity at night and winter.If the PV system generates only 50% or 75% of the household energy demand, they will still receive the PG & E bill, although the bill is much lower."If you have a 12-month PG & E Bill, you can look at your usage patterns," said Gary Cooper, president of Sunshine and power company Berkeley."The manufacturer is good --The California Energy Commission has set up enough systems and conducted such thorough tests and ratings that we know exactly what a system will do.We can predict how it will run and estimate exactly how much energy it will generate."In addition, the price of solar panels, regardless of style or manufacturer, is competitive with each other, according to Geber."The price is almost proportional to the wattage," said Cooper ."."If you bought a solar component of 100 watts, did you buy one --Crystal, polycrystal or amorphous panels-They will be very different in size and volume, but not in cost.Suppose a family of four with an average of 2,000 peoplesquare-The foot house decided to buy a 2.4-kilowatt-per-Hour solar systemAs a backup power supply, they will remain connected to the PG & E grid.According to Dan Thompson, president of solar and geothermal at San Rafael, what is the approximate retail price of solar panels, inverter boxes, and an additional sales tax of $22,900 for roof brackets and other electrical components, up to $1,600.Install a 2.The price of the 4 KW system may be $1.5 to $1.75 watts per watt, the price is between $4,500 and $4,800.PG & E costs $277 to provide and install digital timeof-Use meters that track power generation during peak use times.License requirements are available in many cities and counties, with a total increase of $125.Rounding, the initial cost of one or two.4 -The price of kilowatt photovoltaic power generation systems could be as high as $29,702.But now the good news is here.Tax refund, tax credit and energy saving factors :--Savings No.1.The California Energy program offers a $4 rebate for homeowners.Maximum 50 watts per watt (depending on the efficiency level of the system you purchased ).For a 2.4 KW/hourly system (2,400 W multiplied by 4.5), this may amount to a rebate check of $10,800.--Savings No.2.David Ore, PG & E-commerce project managerThe NET metering program says this hypothetical family has a PG & E bill of $1,725 per year.With a 2.4 PV system and time-of-Energy bills will drop to $760 using electricity metersSave nearly $1,000 a year.--Savings No.3.Gov.Gray Davis recently signed SBX2-17, written by State Senator Jim Brulte, the bill provides a 15% tax refund for homeowners who purchase and install solar systems.While it will take effect on January 2002, it will date back to any investment in solar technology by California consumers after January.1, 2001.--Savings No.4.If that family is shelteredHome Office or business, homeowner can be eligible for a 3468 federal energy tax credit/IRS tax form 10% after receiving a fee rebate for investment and installation of solar energy.--Savings No.5.If homeowners raise money by refinancing their home mortgage, the interest generated can also be taxed."This is the last thought for anyone who counts costs," Gerber said ."."Solar technology is not like buying electrical appliances.It will increase the value of your house.While these systems have a 20-year warranty period, all analyses suggest that they are more likely to last between 30 and 40 years.After all, they have no moving parts.So be aware that the $10,000 to $20,000 you invest will increase your equity by $20,000 to $40,000.Because the bottom line is that the energy crisis in California will not disappear.Interest rates will move in one direction in the futureup." -Barbara taningbaum solar design-build Firms --Dan Thompson, founder and president of Sunpower & geothermal energy, San Rafael (415) 459-4201;e-Sunpowergeo @ & PowerGary Cooper, founder and president, Berkeley, (510) 845-2997;e-Solarguy @ Smith, principal of Berkeley, United States (510) 540-0550;e-Mail ssmith @;Web site Tony Hernández, Justin Mizan, solar warehouse San Rafael, (415) 499-1333; Roger colansolito Sun Pirates (415) 332-7246.--Owner Jerry Townsend San Rafael integrity electric (415) 499-8844.--Owner, (925) 680-solar energy system for Concord, Duen and Karen Campbell4343;e-Mail energy companyOccidental, President, (707) 874-1216;e-Tibor @ Manansala, Jack West, owner, (510) 653-Auckland high Sun Engineering6365;e-Postage Fangling @ Resources-California Energy Commission information on rebate programConsumer Energy Center.Org/buydown/index.html.--California State Council energy-Related website, solar energy information, www.Center of Northern California solar Society tours solar homes every solar industry website with background and information on photovoltaic power generation and solar technology, report hall of the Pacific energy center has a large number of energy-related lectures and courses.See the website for and links to energyRelated questions, and Systems-Solar panels, Roof Tile, of solar systems, www.Global Resource PV system retailergreenmountain.Com/gmec/solar/index.jsp.--Suntube skylight supplier, of renewable energy of renewable energy of photovoltaic of renewable energy of renewable energy supplier of photovoltaic
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