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by:KEBO      2019-10-07
Inverters are usually used to provide power to electronic equipment in the event of a power outage, or for activities such as camping without power supply.The inverter converts a DC (DC) or battery power supply to an AC (AC) or household power supply.The multi-level inverter is a more powerful inverter, which means that it does the same thing as the inverter in addition to providing higher energyPower situation.
The inverter converts the DC power supply into an AC power supply by means of a wave known as a sine wave or modified sine wave.A sine wave is a wave usually found in the power of a power plant.In order to simulate the sine wave, the sine wave was modified.Inverters with improved sine waves can be used well as backup power supplies in the home and are much cheaper.Although there are multiple types of inverters, only one switch is used for all standard inverters, in other words, one power circuit.
A multi-level inverter is a high-power supply that is commonly used in industrial applications and can use a sine or modified sine wave.Instead of using one converter to convert AC current to DC current, the multi-level inverter uses a series of semiconductor power converters (usually two to three), resulting in a higher voltage.When using an inverter, you pass the energy through the flip of a switch, and when using a multi-level inverter, you have to flip several switches, each requiring a circuit.These multi-switches and circuits often make multi-level inverters more expensive than inverters.
Unlike standard inverters, multi-level inverters utilize renewable energy.Multi-level inverters can add wind, fuel cells and even photovoltaic energy as DC power supplies.These environmental protectionFriendly energy can then be converted into AC current.However, while a multi-level inverter can generate a lot of energy, the energy generated depends on how much DC power is used.Higher DC power supply will provide more powerful AC power supply.
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