inverter battery and inverter Precautions to avoid bad odour from Inverter

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Your living room is starting to stink.You have not found a way to avoid this situation.You can't even find the reason for the bad smell.After a while, you will realize that this is because the inverter is placed in the corner of the living room.
So what would you do?
It's all about an Indian family where the inverters were first repaired and they didn't read the guide or ask during the installation so had a strange experience they shared.So, continue to learn more about it, which may happen to you on a certain day!

Usually, in India, we are faced with the problems of "power failure" and "Water shortage.This is two of the most common and unavoidable problems faced by most Indians, especially in villages and towns where people have become accustomed to this life for many years, and as people get older, the problem grows.
While this is a problem, it is seen as a common problem due to poor planning or projects that generate electricity and store groundwater.This is common in summer and people get used to the daily life without proper current and enough water.
Hot summers, especially where there is no coast or no coast, give a very painful experience.Most people get sick because of the sun, and women find it difficult to work in the kitchen because power cuts and stoves make it difficult for them to stand...They finished the work of the whole kitchen as early as possible in the morning and in the evening until the temperature went up and the heat of the stove made the kitchen no longer uncomfortable.
For those living in the city, although there is a power outage, the time is limited compared to the town or village.So, if they have the ability to buy some electronics to keep it cool, they can withstand the temperature to a certain extent.
It's a time when electronics are brought into the market and bought by customers because they don't have other options to get rid of the hot days and nights.Most dealers of air and water coolers, air conditioners, portable and charging fans can find their business in the summer.This is when they found business in peaks.
So, when there is electricity, this is a way to keep cool in the summer.But what happens when there is no electricity for the rest of the day for those limited hours?Yes, modern technology has solutions even for this problem.There is another profitable benefit for marketers...This is the inverter.

A device that converts direct current into alternating current.
An electronic device whose output reverses the symbol of its input current or voltage so that the phase of the AC signal moves 180 degrees.

This is something you can find in the book, or something that is difficult for laymen to understand.

to some extent.
There may be other sources that can eliminate power outages or avoid heat that can't be tolerated in the summer, especially during power outages where people find it economical, but for those who have the ability to buy, this is an incredible device as it not only helps to find a solution for hot weather, but also helps students prepare or complete school programs during exam time.

The inverter requires peak or peak power as well as typical or average (usual) power.

It is the maximum power that the inverter can usually provide in a short time.Some high-current devices, such as motors and refrigerators, need to start peak power than they need to run.

Is the power provided by the inverter on a stable basis.This is usually much lower than peak power.Typical power is useful when estimating battery capacity.
Therefore, the inverter must be sized for maximum peak load and typical continuous power.

Before selecting an inverter, it is important to calculate the total power consumption of the appliance that will be connected to the inverter.
It should be noted that the power consumption increases when the drive voltage is reduced.
When the input voltage of the domestic power supply line drops from 230 v ac to 200 v a/C, the electrical equipment will consume more current.

The inverter should not make any annoying/irregular noise.
The inverter should neither overheat nor produce a burning smell.After a few hours of installation, you can get a better idea of this.
Turn off the device and contact the installer immediately if you encounter any of these experiences.

Home Power inverter is a device that provides uninterrupted power supply for running household appliances.These home inverters have different voltage and load capabilities.

The source is connected to the transformer through the center tap of the primary winding.

This allows the current to run back to the battery along two alternate paths passing through one end of the primary winding, and then flow back to the other end.

A fully charged battery does not accept any current.There are two charging modes for most invertersPromote charging and trickle charging.During the boost charge, the current of about 5 to 7 amps will be used, and during the trickle charge, only the current of 25 to 50 ms amps will be used.

In order to properly charge the battery, the input voltage of the AC line should be close to 230 V.
A fully charged battery will show 13.8 volts.
When the battery voltage is reduced to 12 volts, the inverter should turn on the charge immediately.

Although we use many electrical appliances in our daily life, in order to live a happy life, we hardly care about the power consumption of every device used.We get used to them, and over time we even forget the life without them.
However, we also need to know the power consumption of each device used at home, rather than worrying after noticing the consumer unit in the monthly bill.
People need to be aware that these devices make our lives better, but we also need to be careful not to overuse or misuse them.

Turn off the fan once you move out of the room.
Once people move out of the room, they usually don't bother to turn off the fan or cooler.This must be noted in order to avoid waste of electricity.
Lights are not needed in a well ventilated room during the day.
Once people enter the room, they turn on the light with the fan.This should be avoided in order to use electricity correctly.When there is enough ventilation during the day, in the hot summer, it will also waste the power to turn on the lights.
When you don't watch TV, turn off the TV and remote control near the socket.
Often, whenever we turn off the remote control, we tend to forget the plug connection near the TV, which has to be turned off.This avoids problems during power fluctuations.
Use the cooler and air conditioner only when the weather is too hot.
People try to show off the luxury they have, which in the long run will not only cause inconvenience to others, but also inconvenience to themselves.In our lives, the use of coolers and air conditioners should not be part of the necessities, nor should they be part of luxury goods.
So, before installing the inverter, it would be better if you were well aware of the power consumption of various devices in your home and were cautious about it.One must remember that the use of inverters and other electronic products will make our lives comfortable, but the power consumption is also high due to this product.So, after a month of power use, don't be shocked after looking at your current bill, but use it wisely and wisely.
The following table shows the power units and consumption of various appliances in the home, which may be useful to you.

Several types of lowDesigned maintenance inverters that can withstand extreme temperatures, which can run for one year and maintain very low.If you need an inverter for outdoor purposes, be sure to check out the outdoor utility inverter.
There are many inverters to protect your battery.During power failure, the inverter draws energy from the battery.The inverter turns off when the power is restored, but it charges the battery.
The inverter has an intelligent circuit to understand when the battery needs to be filled with charging current and when it must be charged with a trickle.The inverter will stop charging once the battery is fully charged.

: The Exide Battery matches very well with the inverter they made.This combination provides a convenient way to handle electrical operation during power failure.The inverter starts to work once it is powered off, and in most cases you won't even notice the switch-over.Again, the inverter recharges the battery once the power is restored.

: Glow, Microteck, Amara Raja Amaron, etc.

: Prices range from the lowest 1050 in Indian currency to the highest 7900..

etc.These provide inverters at low prices.

Usually after installation, one will not bother to know the working condition of the battery that comes with the inverter.That's why most of us don't know the steps to take when faced with inverter problems.
Regular maintenance and maintenance of the battery is very critical.Just like any other household appliance, your inverter and its batteries need regular maintenance to operate effectively and for a longer life.Because the battery is the backbone of the inverter.And responsible for the good performance and long life of the inverter.
Here are some tips that may be followed after installing the inverter.

: Ventilation places can reduce the heating of batteries.This also reduces the requirement of frequent topping.

: If there is no power cut, fully discharge the battery once a month and charge it.

: Make sure the water level stays between the highest and lowest.Always charge the battery with distilled water.Fill candles with distilled water every two months.

The main purpose of writing this article is to alert you to the experience of a person next door who installed the inverter after a long period of power failure.Nevertheless, he installed it and he was not aware of the work or maintenance of the inverter or battery.
A few months after he installed the inverter, the room where the inverter was located began to smell bad.He did not know the reason for the bad smell.He kept spraying the room's freshener, thinking it was bad air coming from some places outside his home.He then began to ask if the municipal company near his neighbor was cleaning up something.He even recalled that it tasted very similar to ammonia in smelly eggs.In order to remove the bad smell, he has been using perfumes, candles, etc.
Finally, late at night, when his uncle visited his house, he could find the actual reason for the bad smell.
Yes !
The inverter smells bad because of the low water level.

The container or candle is even burning due to the high temperature.
He was lucky to check on time.

Don't forget to check the water level and use pure water.Don't ignore it because it can prove dangerous.
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